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How to Improve Health Naturally

By Apurva Singh
Last Update on 05 Mar '16

Hi guys, when it comes to health, you should not only look good but feeling good is also important. Things you should do to kick start your day fresh and energized... :)

1. Daily routine - Most important is to set your daily activities in regular routine like 
     a) Getting up everyday and sleeping at same time.
     b) Do not skip breakfast.
     c) Taking meals at the same time- choose a time comfortable for you and stick to it.
    d) Taking dinner early - have your dinner three hours before you sleep.
When you go according to your daily routine ,you not only have time for yourself also it helps you to prevent unnecessary stress of getting late or not able to complete your household work.

2. Food - What is the best food to eat ?? tricky question :P

with all health magazines, friends, family, web telling us to eat all kinds of food stuffs what is good for you is the biggest question...
   a)Food has to include all kinds of stuff carbohydrates, fat , protein, vitamins and minerals ,,, you cannot be healthy even if one component is missing... even on diet plans.
  b) Decide your diet according to your daily routine and work classified as mild, moderate and heavy work. If your work is as executive/desk  job then its mild work, if your job involves travelling and household work than its moderate work, heavy work includes lots of physical activity like being heavy duty technician.
  c) Count your Calories-Daily calorie intake should be 2500 calories. If you are on weight reducing diet then decide your diet according to your weight. Do not cut down your calories suddenly, the process should be gradual and full of nutrients to compensate for carbohydrate loss. 
  d) Avoid junk food - try to eat fresh and home cooked food. 

3. Exercise this is also something that all of us aspire to do but fail due to lack of motivation or time....

   a) Exercise makes us fit ,  maintains weight, helps to prevent diseases , makes us happy and energetic.
   b) Exercise can be of many types mostly they are broadly divided in aerobic (increased oxygen intake) like cycling, walking,swimming,jogging or cardio in normal words.

 Then comes strength training(anaerobic) with weights and other resistive activities. Lastly stretching exercises also includes yoga.

4. Stress-  In recent times , our daily stress levels our considerably high ...

 be it for work, our relationships or anything else. So its important to be meditating daily and believing not only in yourself but also the CREATOR of EARTH ... our GOD !! BE it in any religion ...Believe  and stay POSITIVE ...GOOD THINGS ARE IN YOUR WAY.. :) 
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