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What do you need for a healthy diet

By Apurva Singh
Last Update on 05 Mar '16

Mixed diet 

The balanced diet should contain mixed foods containing legumes, vegetables, fruits,milk and milk products,salads for fibre,sweets and all that makes you happy :) 

Daily Diet
Breakfast should always be heavy .. . A regular diet can contain one (paneer or soya)  sandwich with juice / milk, or poha/upma for vegetarians. Non Vegetarian  diet can contain  one egg, cheese and cucumber sandwich with juice/milk to go with that.

For vegetarians should include Dal (mixed pulses) /rajma/ chole/ dal makhani.
Sabzi should include fun  version of nutritious foods like mixed veggies. . Palak paneer, methi corn mix, baigan bharta, gobhi ke kofte etc .
Salad can include sprouts , aloo chana chat.
For Non vegetarians  should include Egg bhurji/ egg fry.
Curry includes chicken/fish curry.
Rice /Roti and  Salad should include  sprouts.


For dinner always go for little light items which are fulfilling but easy to digest like soup with pasta , soup with salads, in indian way you can go for pulav with soup, masaledar khichdi , sabzi with 2 roti, salad.

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