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Pregnancy chances if unprotected sex a day after period [video]

By Priya
Last Update on 06 May '14

Girl had sex the next day after her period, is there a chance she could get pregnant or no, because she don't want to. Her bf said that he didn't felt sperm coming inside her or saw it. But he was doing it hard and he never pull out. She told him to stop because she started to feel weak and kind of dizzy and sleepy. Watch this video to understand her problem. 


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Ajay kumar commented on 06 Jul '18
Sir mera gf pragnet je

chamanjithakor commented on 14 Dec '16

Masroor commented on 25 Jun '16
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roshelle commented on 09 Feb '16
Hi I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years now and i had a miscarry.My husband and i want to have a baby and soon.I had unprotected sex one day after my period,experiencing light-headaches,dizzy and tidiness,could i be pregnant.please help plus i'm scare to take a pregnancy test and got a negative results.

Desiree Morse commented on 04 Dec '15
Ok. I was on my period the 13th and was still bleeding some the 18th me and my husband had sex and it stopped. Well, I have been having signs of pregnancy what could this mean if I am then anywhere between the 13th or 18th I would be a month please help. I have a two year old also

swarup patil commented on 07 Jun '15
Shadi ho ke 3 sal ho gaye likin abhi tak pregnent nahi hai pereid ke kitne din mai sambhand rakhna chahiye

aarushi commented on 25 May '15
I got physical wid my boyfreind and took a pill to avoid pregnancy he s sure he came inside me .now I m experiencing vomits and severe back pain as well as stomach upsets .need help is d pill working or I should see a doctor

Juliana commented on 04 Jan '15
Please l want to know if i risk the chance of getting pregnant if I have sex the forth day after my menses

lydia commented on 22 Oct '14
i had un protected sex, and the next day i menstruated did i get pregnant