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Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

By Rosy s.
Last Update on 10 Mar '13

Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

There can be some embarrassing moments during your pregnancy apart from the usual bulge in the stomach, and throwing up a few times. These symptoms are unexpected and unfortunately quite embarrassing to experience. You must not however shy away from public eye, after all you are a proud mommy!

Excess Gas

When you are in the early stages of your pregnancy, with the increase in the levels of progesterone, you can face the problem of excess gas and frequent constipation. This progesterone has the effect of relaxing your muscles, which includes the muscles involved in the digestive process. This relaxed muscle also causes the secretion of gas in excess.

Facial Hair

When a woman is going through the phase of pregnancy her hormones are responsible for the hair growing in unwanted places, which also means that facial hair can be expected. This certainly can be a horrifying experience for a woman.


There are some women who may develop a very strong sense of smell during their pregnancy. Most women may develop an aversion to strong food odors, such as poultry or seafood, while others may begin to pick up on their own scent, which can be embarrassing. It is also possible that at time a woman can smell herself vaginally, which happens especially toward the end of pregnancy. Visit your doctor who could come up with a viable solution for this.


Most women start to crave for things which they had never done before, and this can be attributed to hormonal reasons. It is however important because the body needs to have a reservoir of vitamin C and calcium for the baby?s overall development. Food cravings are most common at this time, and they may want to eat at weird times of the day!

Itchy Nipples

This needs to be blamed on your new cleavage, as your post pregnancy breasts are now bigger preparing to feed the little one. What happens is when your breasts grow, the sensitive skin in this area stretches, and this can trigger a persistent itch.You must see a doctor if in case you develop a rash or notice bloody discharge from one or both nipples.

Sharp Groin Pain

The pain down there tends to start up mid-pregnancy, and this happens when the round ligaments in your pelvis stretch to accommodate your growing baby. This pain can be experienced when you stand up in a sudden motion or they may also be triggered after a long day of being on your feet.

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Sinah molapisi commented on 04 Jan '18
Two months without my periods,very painful back,itchy breasts,noisy intestines,headaches, bloated stomach,dizzy,tired,

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shaz Hassan commented on 14 Aug '16
hi , my felling is my breast nipples to much sours and swollen and my lower abdomen is craping

nitu commented on 21 Jan '16
Maine festone combi kit use Ki pr first goli lene ke baad hi mughe kafi pain ho rha h y Thik h ya galat aisa hi hota h kya

Nikita commented on 14 Oct '15
I have bleeding one day late of my period and feeling pain in my back now I didn't feel pain in my tummy why?till I'm have back pain .

minaxi commented on 29 Jun '15
Me bhi pregnant hona chahti hu kitni bar try kr chuke hm pr nh ho pa rhi

raj sharma commented on 24 Feb '15
Sir meri wife 17 din se pet se hai usne aaj mifegest tablet la rakhi hai use use karne ki tarika batane ki kast kare plz

Dolly commented on 19 Oct '14
hi am been a plz help me I have pregnancy or not dot no bat like pregnancy symptoms and gos back pan and abdominal pain and nippla pain no period 2 month s let wt I can do plz help me pregnancy or not plz

naveen commented on 11 May '13
Is it necessary to go for cesarean section because my amniotic fluid levels are low