When do pregnancy symptoms start acting up

By Rosy s.
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When do pregnancy symptoms start acting up

Some women seem to know they are pregnant from the moment of conception; others have very early signs that tip them off. As hormone levels increase rapidly during very early pregnancy your body will start to go through a lot of changes. Some women start to feel symptoms as early as implantation when the embryo attaches itself to the uterus (6-12 days after ovulation). Others will begin to feel symptoms around when they period is due (12-14 days past ovulation).

  • Well, I experienced sore breasts & enlarged breasts about 7dpo. Also an increase in cervical mucus of a yellowish creamy color. I also had just a "feeling" that i was pregnant but nothing until about 7 dpo. 

  • I had tender breasts, tiredness, period like cramping about 5-6dpo. Felt different from normal, had a feeling i was pregnant.

Women usually show signs of pregnancy once the Embryo has implanted in the Uterus and started releasing HCG. This occurs around 8-12 days after sex. During this time women also experience implantation bleeding.

Late bloomers experience symptoms later in pregnancy. Usually after they've missed a period.

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Hi, i have a confusion regarding my periods. In the month of feb 2013 i had an abortion after that i got periods in the month of march 10th 2013 also. but i had sex with my husband on march 23rd 2013 and taken i-pill for safety. but still i didnt get my periods still .kindly please help me

jaishree commented on 30 Apr '13
Hi i am a 30 year old married woman...i normally have a cycle of 28-29-30-31 days..(varies from month to month) but even if my cycles are not dot 28 days, it has never happened to me that i have missed my periods (though they come late.. BUT THEY DO COME !!) My question is , this month (jan 2014) i did not get my periods YET.. my last period came on 22/12/13..so in this month it should have come on 18th / 19th / 20th Jan14.. right? BUT IT HASN'T YET COME... we never had unprotected sex during ovulation..which is as per my knowledge should be between 2nd jan - 6th jan 14 (hope i am rite) .... yes we had unprotected sex on 14th or 15th jan (don't remember clearly now).... i did home preg. test twice..one on 23/1/14 & another on 25/1/14 ..BOTH NEGATIVE... we both are really worried now.. What might be the cause of this?? what are the chances that i am pregnant?? when should i do the next preg. test? will beta hCG blood test help me to clear the confusion? IF i am NOT preg. then what are the possibilities of Thyroid & PCOS? Kindly ans me as soon as possible... Thank you

nilu commented on 27 Jan '14
i had unprotected sex on 5th march...i usually get periods on time, but am late by 3 days now, am very worried plz help

twinkle commented on 25 Mar '14
i feel pain in breasts and and full tiredness to take sleep and hungry but iam mine just 28th day

vinaymadhu commented on 28 Apr '14
pregnant test

ashlyclarke commented on 23 Oct '15
My period ended the 17 a January 2016 n i have sex the 18 n the guy ejaculate in me am i pregnant ??

shayrona commented on 06 Feb '16
Sir meri mc 7 june ko aai thi but is bar 27 june ko dusri bar aa gai aur maine mc ke 4 din bad sex kiya tha aap bataye kya mai praganent hun

Annu commented on 05 Jul '16


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