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Veritas answer on 09 May '11 at 21:20

Maybe you could hand make a card shaped like a baby diaper and close each card with a diaper pin or ribbon before inserting it into the envelope? You can download and print a pattern here --- Congratulations!

Kitty a answer on 10 May '11 at 01:22

humm what if you brought the granparents cupcakes with decorative binkys or safty pins on them hehe thy will know right away! humm that would prolly work for the god parents also the 13 yearold sisteryou could maybe get a t-shirt or now would be a GREAT time to discuss pregnancy you can go to the book store and buy a baby book and ifyour comfortable you can show somethings to the preschooler like how the baby looks in the mommy and where the baby will come out obviously you wont talk about love with the lil one you could just say Mommy and Daddy asked god to put the baby there =) good luck! How i was ganna tell my babys daddy i was preg was get him a gift wraped in babyshower gift wap butt he found out 4 i even did lol so i didnt get a chance to but i walked up to my mom becase she knew i had a dr apt i just told her it was a stomach dr (wasnt REALY a lie lol) and i came home and she said well what did he say? i was like he said im 11 weeks pregnant and your ganna be a grandma and she looked at me and than started jumping all alround lol

Krish g answer on 28 Jun '12 at 14:16

The short answer is that, yes, knowing your date of conception may be able to make your due date slightly more accurate. However, a due date is still difficult to pin down. This is because it can take a variable amount of time for an egg to become fertilized, and for that fertilized egg to implant and begin to grow, before pregnancy actually occurs. Generally speaking, your due date will be determined using what is called ?Nagele?s Rule.? This method for determining due date was developed by Dr. Nagele in the mid-nineteenth century. Dr. Nagele calculated that the average pregnancy lasted 266 days from the date of conception, or 280 days from the last menstrual period (referred to as LMP). This is where we get the figure that pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks ? 40 weeks is exactly 280 days. The thing is, even using the LMP date isn?t exactly accurate. 280 days is just an average. This can be different based on any number of factors. For example, ethnicity can influence the time it takes for your baby to be due. It can take 288 days, for example, for a first-time Caucasian mother to have her baby. The mother?s age, her nutrition, and even her weight can push the due date one way or another. One way that some women can get a more accurate due date is by measuring Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH). Measuring these two factors can tell you exactly when you ovulate. By adding 266 days to the time that you ovulate, you can come up with an even more accurate due date. There may be other ways to help figure out a more accurate due date, as well. For example, an experienced health care provider may be able to help determine your due date by using ultrasound technology to determine the gestational age of your baby, and thereby calculate your due date. Another way to calculate your due date is to track HCG levels in early pregnancy. For a normal pregnancy, HCG levels double roughly every 2 1/2 days. Your health care provider may be able to perform these tests to help determine your due date.

Lee answer on 26 Apr '13 at 21:09

Yes it is. I had the mirena for 3 years and started bleeding heavily. Went to the doc and yes I'm pregnant. So they took it out. What happened with your situation if you don't mind me asking? I am on pins and needles wondering if I am having a miscarriage or gonna carry this baby full term....

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