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Pregnant with a little girl answer on 09 May '11 at 17:01

The earliest pregnancy symptom will likely be a missed period. Sometimes, there can be soreness of the breasts, fatigue, nausea, frequent urination, etc. Personally, I didn't experience anything other than a missed period for a week before I found out I was pregnant.

Usmc wife due feb.11 2010 answer on 09 May '11 at 17:01

most women will start experiencing pregnancy symptoms as early as 4 weeks, but alot of women dont experience them until about 6-8 weeks, but yes, everyone is different.

Disgruntledcynic answer on 09 May '11 at 17:44

What a great question! Honestly, I'd like a book geared towards women who live in rural or remote areas. I'm currently pregnant with my first child and living in my hometown, which is located in northern Canada (the Arctic for lack of a better term). Every pregnancy book I've read gives great emphasis to the importance of choice; choosing a good doctor or midwife, writing a birth plan and picking a great prenatal class. For women who don't have these options, being reminded that you don't have them is incredibly frustrating! I would love to have the services of a great and experienced midwife, write an extensive birth plan and attend a Bradley Method birth class. Unfortunately, I live in a place where I will have absolutely no control over who delivers my child (whomever's on call, just like nearly every other woman up here), have no choice over my delivery and labour and have only one option for a prenatal class. A book that provided information and support for women despite and because of their lack of control over these choices would be a God send for so many women who don't have them!

Girl answer on 09 May '11 at 18:27

Symptoms usually start at 6 weeks. But give or take a week or two is normal also. From my experience and from what I have learned from Yahoo Q&A is that, with your first a lot of time the morning sickness starts a little earlier than your second or third. That's how it was with me. My first I got morning sickness when I was between 3-4 weeks along. It was really strong and lasted well into my 6th month with no remorse - day and night lol. Now I am 19 weeks with number two, and it started at 7 weeks, lasted until around week 14-15, and every now and then it lingers, but it's not nearly as bad as the first few weeks of it. Since you already have an appointment scheduled (which is great! it's never a bad idea to get things rolling early), I would bring up the morning sickness and they can prescribe you some pregnancy safe medications to help with it. Even if it's not that bad right now, it's always nice knowing if it gets bad you have something to fall back on to help. Congrats on your baby and take care :)

~*miss independent*~ answer on 09 May '11 at 18:42

It may take a few weeks or longer for tha symptoms to start. Most women do experience some, but there is a few women that dont experience any at all.