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Timid women rarely make history answer on 09 May '11 at 17:30

There is no way to know for sure. Pregnancy and how it effects a woman's body is very much an individual thing. But there is a good site that does give helpful info. I track my pregnancy on there weekly. It you look at the top,you can look at how a pregnancy progresses from when a woman ovulates all the way until delivery. And also talks about things that she could go through physically such as symptoms etc. There is also videos that you can watch about labor and birth,and even caring for a newborn. *-->---

Imotylek answer on 09 May '11 at 17:30

I totally hear you!!!! I am 34 weeks with a girl and my son is 23 months old. This second pregnancy was so much more difficult. I was sick more at the beginning, I had to go to the emergency room twice with bleeding in my first trimester.... I can't sleep, I developed restless leg syndrome, my back is killing me (I think I will be crippled after this), and yes, I am huge - definetally bigger than I was with my first one (I can't fit in any of my old pregnancy clothes by now)... I am also waddling like a duck and I am terrified of the labor...looking at this pregnancy - what else is going to happen???? (scream....ripping my hair out...lol)

Lorrie answer on 09 May '11 at 18:27

I also had an ectopic pregnancy and yet I got pregnant again within like 9 months! And I was on the Ortho Evra patch at the time. Not saying I never wanted to have kids, but I usually go to school full-time (except for this past Spring semester 2009 where I dropped to part-time) and I'm trying to get my Degree A.S.A.P. cuz I am an older non-traditional student, so time is $$$$. I never had anything but the methotrexate shot. NO surgery whatsoever, fortunately for me. I have never had any STD's. However, for myself what most likely caused my Ectopic pregnancy was the fact I have had endometriosis symptoms since age 15 (which may eventually render me infertile). This condition causes me to vomit every period unless I take an OC or some stronger meds. It also causes severe dymennorhea. This pregnancy (technically my 2nd, but my first child, and also come to think of it, I had no morning sickness the FIRST pregnancy either, lol and I was nearly 8 weeks along when it ended)...I have had no morning sickness (unless you count mild and rare nausea) and that was awesome for a woman whose periods can cause her to throw up at the smell of bacon and other odors, without medication to control it. This time, except for some unexplained bleeding for nearly 2 weeks during my 2nd or 3rd month, which could be because at time I was walking miles and miles each week (I thought, "OH boy, another ectopic?) I was have been doing great and have had no unexplained bleeding since early trimester. I just had a 3rd trimester check-up today and have gained 22 lbs so far. (4 during first trimester, and 5 lbs a month each month beginning at 20 weeks, believe it or not...). Baby is always active and kicking up a storm. He was boxing in his nearly-15-week ULtrasound, lol. Incidentally, I do absolutely no routine exercise this pregnancy since my bedrest for light bleeding. I do get exercise but it's not a routine and it's very much just "around the house" not planned. (I know, not exactly "super-healthy", but I feel like I don't want to overdo after the bleeding and I have a wonderful OB Team of Doctors and Nurses and Staff support so if I need to step it up, I can and will!) Timing is everything. Be in a committed relationship. My husband and I are due to have a boy in a few months. The less stress the body is under the better for your maintaining and keeping a healthy pregnancy. Any questions message me.

~christina~ answer on 09 May '11 at 18:56

Almost right away, that is a pregnancy symptom!!! But then again every 10-15 minutes in the beginning seems extreme and you might have bladder issues, have they done a scan on your bladder you're probably not emptying it all the way when you go (i have that problem) it feels like you do but there's urine still in there and it doesn't hit you until minutes after you've already gone. And are you on your feet a lot, that plays a factor...it's called gravity...i have to go about that much when i'm on my feet a lot!! Just ask your doctor.

Dollybrie answer on 09 May '11 at 19:10

Yes. For me, I was 45 days late before a positive test. Going to the MD is your best bet. They can test your blood. Which is a much more reliable way. I was told that it did not show up in urine tests because of stress. Go figure! Good Luck Girl.