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I love my baby answer on 09 May '11 at 17:15

They immediately start getting bigger and your nipples will darken as well.I started getting bigger glands probably about 3 weeks after i found out i was pregnant and my breasts were a dead give away they got huge quick! I went from a 34 D to a 37 DD and now i can no longer fit i a double D with out hanging out and i am 24 weeks pregnant and petite! They are out of control and i am often asked if i have implants! It angers me when i am asked that! The breasts are definitely the first sign then the missed period! If your breasts hurt even to be touched or bumped then you are more then likely pregnant and it only gets worse the further along you get! Mine feel like rocks.Just make sure when you take a pregnancy test t use first morning urine because hcg levels are higher in the morning because your urine is not diluted with things you drank through out the day. good luck to you!

Disgruntledcynic answer on 09 May '11 at 17:44

What a great question! Honestly, I'd like a book geared towards women who live in rural or remote areas. I'm currently pregnant with my first child and living in my hometown, which is located in northern Canada (the Arctic for lack of a better term). Every pregnancy book I've read gives great emphasis to the importance of choice; choosing a good doctor or midwife, writing a birth plan and picking a great prenatal class. For women who don't have these options, being reminded that you don't have them is incredibly frustrating! I would love to have the services of a great and experienced midwife, write an extensive birth plan and attend a Bradley Method birth class. Unfortunately, I live in a place where I will have absolutely no control over who delivers my child (whomever's on call, just like nearly every other woman up here), have no choice over my delivery and labour and have only one option for a prenatal class. A book that provided information and support for women despite and because of their lack of control over these choices would be a God send for so many women who don't have them!

Melly answer on 09 May '11 at 17:44

It depends on how early the fertilized egg begins the implantation process once it reaches the uterus, because that's when HCG levels begin to increase. Implantation, on average, begins somewhere 7-10 days after fertilization although it happens slightly earlier or later in some cases. I'd say that 7 days after actual fertilization is on the outside of what might be detectable by a home pregnancy test and chances are very, very slim that early. As in you'd be better off waiting until at least 10 days after ovulation to even think about testing and you're still very likely to get a possibly false negative. Even a blood test, which is very sensitive, generally won't detect a pregnancy until at least 10 days after ovulation and fertilization.

Mummy of 2 gorgeous boys :) x answer on 09 May '11 at 18:13

the only symptom i get with a period is bloating, slight cramps and moodyness the week before!! last month i had sore nipples 10 days before my period, sore breasts the 4 days before my period due, slight twinges were period pains would be, and quite a lot of discharge, sadly it never got past a faint positive when i started bleeding 2 weeks later but im keeping my head up and i know what to look out for next month hopefully :D good luck hunn hope this helped, you know your body best!!! x

Victoria y answer on 09 May '11 at 18:56

It varies. And food cravings aren't necessarily because you want the food, but because of what the food can give you. Some cravings can start right away, others later in pregnancy. It just depends. And cravings are usually for a mineral or vitamikn your body is lacking. It will naturally crave a food that can give it what it needs in a decent dose. For instance, milk cravings might be a signal your body needs calcium or vitamins A and/or D. Eggs you may need more protien. If you crave anything wierd (read- NOT food) call a dr. That craving, pregnant or not, shouldn't be ignored. And it is a signal your body needs something. Some women can crave cigarette ashes, laudry soap, and dirt- those are signals to pay attention to. ((While I was pregnant with my first, all I wanted was chips and salsa. I found out later I was in serious need of vitamin C- which is found in large amounts in tomatoes!!!))