Kiya operation se bachcha band kerwa dena ke baad ..?

Kiya operation se bachcha band kerwa dena ke baad periods bhi band ho jate hai?

Raza mallick asked on 14 Nov '17 at 11:51

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Priya answer on 17 Sep '12 at 05:19

hi kay, without unprotected love it can be only by chance that you may be pregnant....with condoms i agree there is 2% chance only if it gets ripped off ...if condom is intact then you wont be pregnant ...your throwing up can be stomach upset...take a test any ways that will clear your doubts...stop worrying that will delay your periods more..if its just irregular then your periods will come sooner or later....goodluck..

Emma . answer on 17 Sep '12 at 05:45

hi taylor, with precum its not 100% sure that any one will get pregnant....too much stressing can make you feel unwanted symptoms....just relax first cause stressing may delay your periods even more...those dots on your nipples well do suggest pregnancy so i would suggest you to stop panicking...untill you get tested stop thinking about it...wait for your periods for now...

Emma . answer on 17 Sep '12 at 06:18

light bleeding can be implantation bleeding (sign of pregnancy) but its still too early to guess......wait till your next periods then take a test.....

Emma . answer on 17 Sep '12 at 06:41

im confused about the dark yellow discharge its not common only in infections you may see it....so for your periods if you miss them then take a test...also consult a doctor for your discharge...implantation bleeding is pinkish brownish discharge not yellow...

Emma . answer on 17 Sep '12 at 06:45

without unprotected love you might not be pregnant...that bleeding can be an irregular period....so wait another week if no periods then take another test ...if its negative then consult a doc for regularizing your periods...