mene march m abrtion krwaya tha uske bd mere periods ..?

mene march m abrtion krwaya tha uske bd mere periods diblnc hogai the 10 se 15 din tk rehte the mene dr ko dikhya reoprts norml i sb dr ne promolotn n khane ko di 3 tume 21 din tb se mere.periods bnd hogai h bilkul ab 3 packet astranor khane ko di hai tb b nhi howe period me aik pack kha chuki hon jbke kiya kro plz ans me me again pregncy b chahtu hon

Robaisakhan asked on 09 Nov '17 at 16:54

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Emma . answer on 23 Nov '12 at 13:26

hi kate, its better to show a doctor...no harm in asking for a test, also get tests for urinary tract infection and get a check on your implant may be you got irregular periods as they came around your period date..check for temperature also ..if you have fever then it might be something else may be typhoid or some other infection...

Emma . answer on 28 Nov '12 at 05:05

hi lexi, you had intercourse very near to your period date so i think its difficult to get pregnant cause if you have regular periods you would have ovulated around 1st nov...but still chances are there..go to a doctor immediately you are already 11 days late ...so you should have got something on your test if that was d case...get an ultrasound done, and get tested for any kind of infection too...cramps are there in pregnancy but not so severe...so go to your doctor..

Emma . answer on 28 Nov '12 at 06:43

hi sonal, the least you can do now is get yourself tested ..get a blood test done or an ultrasound if you want and get it confirmed...you may not be pregnant at all just irregular periods...

Emma . answer on 28 Nov '12 at 06:55

hi carmen , it may be possible that your pregnant but its already end of november now ...you should definitely get a positive test... its more than 8 weeks now so get an ultrasound done you will get an heartbeat for sure...if you have irregular periods and you have missed periods before for such a long duration then just get to a doctor and confirm whats delaying your periods...

Emma . answer on 28 Nov '12 at 07:00

apke periods pe depend karta hai...agar cycle 28 days ki hai toh 14 days ke around ovulation hota hai ...isi time par pregnant ho sakte hain...