tab khane ke bad garvpat ho gya lekin next month ..?

tab khane ke bad garvpat ho gya lekin next month period nhi aaya to me kya karu

Meenu asked on 09 Oct '17 at 07:37

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Emma . answer on 29 Nov '12 at 07:19

hi , it could have been irregular periods...but your other symptoms suggest something else..if that was implantation bleeding it occurs around 6-12 days after conception..so just go for a blood test or an ultrasound to make sure whats going on....it can be some other infection too that diarrhea could have caused weakness and dizziness as you got dehydrated...drink enough water and get tested ...

Emma . answer on 29 Nov '12 at 18:09

HI, you did not say if it was protected or unprotected love...your period might be late....wait for another week or next week get a test..... sometimes it comes negative when its this early...

Emma . answer on 30 Nov '12 at 02:53

Did you check for any implantation bleeding around 6-12 days ...its kind of brownish dicharge which is very scanty....you can only get pregnant in periods if you ovulated just after your periods ...cause sperms can live around a week inside the uterus...if you have a 28 days cycle then you will have ovulated around 14 days..so vry less chance..

Emma . answer on 30 Nov '12 at 02:58

HI, you were on bc pills...cramping can be a side effect dont worry..its not necessary that you will get pregnant..i guess your pill will be working fine if your still taking it regularly...doctors say to wait a week after taking pills...5 days is not bad...still your confused wait till your next period date...or atleast 2 weeks then get a blood test or ultrasound to confirm...

Rosy s. answer on 01 Dec '12 at 14:11

HI, most probably she is not pregnant....depending on length of her cycle she might get her periods....if its around a month then next month around 8th...