Mifegest kit khane ka tarika?

Mifegest kit khane ka tarika?

Dainyal asked on 03 Nov '15 at 08:54

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Lalin answer on 18 Feb '18 at 13:19

mifegest ka dose Kaise Lena hai

Asraful miyan answer on 09 Jan '18 at 14:01

Midwest 200mg kaise khayega

Ashutosh kumar jha answer on 05 Jan '18 at 12:29

Mifigest ka dose Kaise Lena hai please tell

Ashutosh kumar jha answer on 05 Jan '18 at 12:26

Mifigest ka dose Kaise Lena hai please tell

Jagriti answer on 29 Nov '17 at 11:05

Dr.mifegest kit lene k baad hmko bleeding km ho rhi hai kyu

Sandeep das answer on 18 Oct '17 at 13:13

how to use mifegest kit

Sunil minj answer on 17 Sep '16 at 00:29

how to ues tha mifegest medichin

Kavita answer on 04 May '16 at 08:16

mifegest kese leni he plz tell me answer

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Bappa maji answer on 28 Sep '12 at 14:28


Lucky answer on 02 Jun '13 at 06:06

how to work mifegest kit works

Saiveera answer on 16 Dec '13 at 21:58

Sujatha, please carefully read all my previous responses and questions on this subject before you decide to use mifegest kit. Consult with you doctor before you use this kit. What God creates we human beings have no right to destroy. There may be a reason why God is blessing you with another child. May this child will bring you lot of happiness or fortune or luck. Please carefully weigh the pros and cons before using the kit. If you think your life is in danger because of this pregnancy then consult with an expert or your doctor to find out what are your options that are best for you. Pls do not do anything that you will regret later in your life. Just because you are 39 doesn't mean you should not have children as there are women who bear children in their 40s. My sincere advice to you my dear is take a decision that you can live with for the rest of your life. If you search my name all my messages will be visible. You can read them and decide for yourself, after consulting with proper experts what is best option for you. My duty as a well wisher is only to make you think and do what is correct and best for you and your family. Good luck and god bless you.

Manisha answer on 13 Mar '14 at 04:21

Can we take mesoprostal after eight hours of taking mifepristone or it is compulsory to take misoprostal after 36 hours. Is this one kit of mifegest with 1+4 combopack is sufficient to terminate pregnancy of six weeks

Hareram singh answer on 09 Apr '14 at 08:06

Please Mifegest kit use