Family operation ke kitne din baad love nahi karna ..?

Family operation ke kitne din baad love nahi karna cahiy

Amar asked on 26 Aug '15 at 03:54

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Mickey answer on 31 Oct '17 at 08:58

Family planning operation ke baad period kab hota Hai aur family operation ke baad love kab karna chahe hai

Ranjit answer on 22 Oct '17 at 19:47

Pariwar niyojan karwane ke kitne din bad love kar sakte hai?

Ramsingh answer on 22 Oct '17 at 16:42

Sir meri wife ka abi operation se delveri hui h to kitne din bad sambog bna sakte h

Ashish dehankar answer on 12 Aug '17 at 08:07

Mayne harniya ke operation ke 4din bad love kiya an kya hoga

Rahul answer on 25 May '17 at 13:40

Paribar niyogan ke kitane din bad love Karna chahiye

Amit answer on 18 May '17 at 17:37

Laparoscopy se family planning operation ke kitne Dino baad love karna chahiye.

Amit answer on 18 May '17 at 17:37

Laparoscopy se family planning operation ke kitne Dino baad love karna chahiye.

Dhanendra pratap singh answer on 20 Mar '17 at 16:01

2mahine tak

Narendra answer on 15 Jan '16 at 16:42

family operation ke kitane din bad love karana chahiye

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Socialjedi answer on 10 May '11 at 10:03

This depends which one your doctor has recommended for you as there are two types :- Laparoscopy which is known as keyhole surgery or day surgery and the patient can go home the same day but you need to rest for at least 3-7 days at home. Laparotomy or open surgery is considered a major operation as a full incision is done and the hospital stay is about 3-4 days. Recovery would take about 10-14 days. Again, this will depend on the individual's health condition. Get well soon^^

Emma . answer on 01 Dec '12 at 18:51

Hi, jamie ...your pregnant 4 months and the lump came just that time or was from before...mostly in hernia there can be pain , inability to do strenuous activities, difficulty in defecation and in general ill feeling...may be you got confused by pregnancy...even if you found that its hernia then also not to worry it can easily get operated...

Nicki harris answer on 22 Mar '13 at 23:59

thankyou for that reasurrance that im not the only one going through this ill be hitting 10weeks on monday and i refussed the operation for the termination until i am 100% sure theres no baby i wont take anyones word unless its my own.please if you can tell me how this pregnancy turned out for id really like to know if you dont mind telling me. i just need to be sure im not the only one where baby or heartbeat hasnt been detected at 9weeks or before. im due for a scan on weds i will be 10weeks so im hoping something will be there because again they will try to convince me to have a termination and i dont want one because i havent had signs of a misscarriage no bleeding or pains. im stuck

Arti ambani answer on 24 May '14 at 20:21

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Bharti answer on 07 Mar '15 at 17:10

Mere 1 tube ka operation hua h to nikal de dusre sahi h 5 month ho chuke h oprestion ko or mere mc 26 din m ho rahi h an m baby chahti hu