Pregnancy m period aate hai kya

Pregnancy m period aate hai kya

Sudha singh asked on 27 Jul '15 at 04:11

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Ritu answer on 15 Mar '19 at 15:38

Period time nhi aa rha 12din upr gye 4tarik period time ki date h 23jan KO love kiya fr 5feb KO period aa gya 9din tk chla tha uske bad period nhi aa RHA pregnancy test kiya wo bahi negative aa RHA h 2baar kr liya kya pregnancy ho skti h kya

Shkila answer on 21 Jun '18 at 11:37

love k bd periods date p hue r jese normal periods hote Hein wese are ab us k bd 3 months hogye periods Ni hue Hein

Shadma answer on 19 May '18 at 06:31

Meri 25 April ki period ki date thi aaj 19 may h KY main pregnant ho skti hu do din blood Bhi aya aur bnd ho gya h to kya pregnancy hai....

Zakia answer on 20 Sep '17 at 19:14

kya ye possible hai ki pregnancy me bhi regular periods hote hai

Bishesh raj answer on 18 Aug '17 at 04:48

pregnancy me piread aata h.kya .4 May.ko love kiya tha .Jo es month me avi tk piread nhi hua h . piread tim 13 tarika h.kya meri wife pregnant h

Humaira answer on 11 Jun '17 at 17:08

Main NY pregnancy k liye medicine li thin but mujhy phr b periods as gya thy Jo k sirf 3 din k thy or thi b light bleeding or date sy phaly e aa gy thy to kya mujhy pregnancy hoge h??

Anjali answer on 28 Dec '16 at 15:02

Menses.r tablet kis liye hoti hai?

Mary answer on 14 Oct '16 at 18:09

6 september ko first day periods aaya tha lekin mujhe is mahine 12 tarik ko 1-2 minutes k liye hi aye the iska matlab kya hai

Muskan answer on 11 Aug '16 at 07:58

Mujhe periods aate hain par pet main jaise kush hai bada ho raha hai kya pregnancy

Hassansherazi answer on 11 Jun '16 at 16:59

Mujy 4 months ki period agaya ha 7 days kalea 3 din pain b rhta ha , hpt test negative ata ha, uterus show no pregnancy, but kuch dino sy mary belly ma mujy kick sa feel hota ha, is ka kia matlb?

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I love my baby answer on 09 May '11 at 17:15

They immediately start getting bigger and your nipples will darken as well.I started getting bigger glands probably about 3 weeks after i found out i was pregnant and my breasts were a dead give away they got huge quick! I went from a 34 D to a 37 DD and now i can no longer fit i a double D with out hanging out and i am 24 weeks pregnant and petite! They are out of control and i am often asked if i have implants! It angers me when i am asked that! The breasts are definitely the first sign then the missed period! If your breasts hurt even to be touched or bumped then you are more then likely pregnant and it only gets worse the further along you get! Mine feel like rocks.Just make sure when you take a pregnancy test t use first morning urine because hcg levels are higher in the morning because your urine is not diluted with things you drank through out the day. good luck to you!

Jill answer on 09 May '11 at 17:15

With a tubal, there would be intense pain, and by 3 months she would have had symptoms because the size of the baby at this point would have ruptured her fallopian tube. So I seriously doubt it is a tubal pregnancy. Also, you are incorrect that an ectopic pregnancy doesn't show up on a pregnancy test. It does. The embryo is developing and therefore the pregnancy hormone HCG will be present. I do not think your friend is pregnant. But if she hasn't had a period in three months when she has otherwise been regular, she needs to go to the doctor, insurance or no. She could have an STD or other illness that has affected her cycles.

Mariahrose85 answer on 09 May '11 at 17:15

No, you can't tell you are pregnant immediately. She needs to take a home pregnancy test the day her next period is due.

Jessiekay answer on 09 May '11 at 17:15

I've never heard of implantation bleeding but I can tell you as far as pregnancy you do have sore nipples and whitish discharge. My sister took three tests that all came out negative and she was actually pregnant had to get a blood test to confirm it so it is possible that you are pregnant. I would wait till you miss your period for sure and retest then if you still have all the symptoms and no period its probably a good thing to make a doctors appt.Hope this helped and good luck!

Pregnant, 1st born answer on 09 May '11 at 17:30

5 weeks you must see your gynecologist or your midwife for scan. my friend had the same problem, she only find out she was pregnant after 3 months, worse part she was getting her normal period every month. our bodies act different the scan or blood test will surely help. baby dust to you.