Period miss hone ke kitne din bad pregnancy test karna ..?

Period miss hone ke kitne din bad pregnancy test karna chahiye

Savita asked on 21 Feb '15 at 08:00

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Sushma answer on 24 Jan '16 at 12:23

mjhe november 18 ko last period huwa.mei ne december me test kiya tha wo negative aaya,par januray mei test kiya who positive aaya kya mein pregrant hu?

Jyoti.. answer on 24 Jan '16 at 08:52

Mere or husband ke bich is 18 ko Phicsycal Hua tha or Meri periods ki 23 h or aaj 24. Ho gyi h periods nhi huye mujhe Smjh nhi aa rha Kya krna chaiye dar lag rha h plz reply

Rima devi answer on 19 Jan '16 at 12:29

Mara priod date 6 tha but December me 2 din date jyada ho gya or Mara period v acche se Nhi hua or is month me 10 din date jyada ho gya hai hum home kit se ghar me test kiye but report negative aaya to may kya karu or iska mtlab kya ho sakta hai please mari help kigiye

Ashutosh answer on 19 Jan '16 at 09:31

Mam period date se 1 din phle love kiya jo bina sefty tha spam andr rh gya 72 hrs k andr goli de di jb goli di uske 1 hrs bad fir se love kiya or spam andr rh gya ab 8 din ho gye h kya wo pregnant hogi plz btaiyeee period nhi aa rhe

Sakshi answer on 16 Jan '16 at 14:23

Mare pireds miss ho gay hai or home peragnay test use kiya par negative aaya to kya pregnancy hai ya nhi

Mohan kumar answer on 14 Jan '16 at 07:30

pegnency ka test kitne din bad krna chaheye

Ram answer on 12 Jan '16 at 16:56

Hi meri wife ki period date XXXXXthi or aaj XXXXXtak period nahi aya pregnancy test kit se chaqe kiya to result Nigetiv hai to kya test kit sahi hai ya meri wife pregnant hai

Poonam answer on 11 Jan '16 at 10:31

Meri date na ane par mene pregnancy test kiya to negative aya.. phr mene pregnancy ko rokne wala Proluton injection liya uske 2 din bad bhi mera period aa gaya.. me kya karu

Durva shelar answer on 11 Jan '16 at 04:24

Merit date 24 hai abhi tak muze period nahi aya kya muze pregnancy test karna chahiye

Leena sharma answer on 10 Jan '16 at 16:03

Muje 8 November ko period aaye. The2month hogaye muje periods nhi aaye to kya main pregnant hun

Leena sharma answer on 10 Jan '16 at 16:01

Muje 8 November ko period aaye. The2month hogaye muje periods nhi aaye to kya main pregnant hun

Jyoti answer on 07 Jan '16 at 07:11

1 month tak peraid miss hone par kya kare

Heena answer on 06 Jan '16 at 14:49

Mere period miss ho k 21 din hogaye h or home prgnency test kia lkn negative tha to kia pregnancy hai ya nai plz tell me

Huma answer on 04 Jan '16 at 07:23

Muje 3 jan ko periods hony thy aj 4 jan ha or test kia magr negative aya.kya mn pregnancy ha???or ab kub dobara test karwana chahyiha??? Plz tell me...thanks

Sajju answer on 27 Dec '15 at 11:03

plz reply me

Shikha answer on 26 Dec '15 at 11:35

Mera period 19 november ko aaya tha lekin 19 dec ko nahi aaya praga test bhi kiya negative answer aaya what can I do

Pooja answer on 24 Dec '15 at 07:47

Period ke 4 din baad Maine love kiya to pregnant ho sakti hu

Manu sirvi answer on 24 Dec '15 at 05:33

Period nhi aa rha 15 din upr ho gye test bhi kiya bt nagetive bta rha

Manu rathod answer on 24 Dec '15 at 05:29

Meri date 9 September thi or ab 24 December ho gya bt mujhe period nhi aa rha prega news se test bhi kya bt result negative aaya toh kya me pregnant hu ya nhi

Akheel answer on 22 Dec '15 at 19:02

Period miss hone k kitne din bad test karna agar 3 day ko test karre to test positive battata ya nai

Arsalan gill answer on 20 Dec '15 at 11:05

Kiaa periods ki date guzarnae k bad agr vomiting ho to kitne percent pregnancy k chanc hote hn

Yashu answer on 10 Dec '15 at 02:44

Meri 2nd November ki date hai or 8 December ko prga news strip se chek kerne k baad results negative hai to kya kren

Gazala answer on 05 Dec '15 at 04:28

Maine love k bad dawa khaya lekin mere period ka date phir v nikal gaya 15 din ho gya h sir or pet me v halka dard hone laga h ulti v ho rahi hai to kiya mai pregnant hu

Gazala answer on 05 Dec '15 at 04:20

meri 1 dost hai jisko period nhi hua or 15 din ho gae date par hoke jbke usne love k bad dawa v khaya tha or ab uske pet me or sir me halka halka dard v ho raha hai to kya WO pregnant hai ?

Sona answer on 27 Nov '15 at 15:20

Period miss ke kitne din bad conform ki jati h pregnency

Deepali answer on 27 Nov '15 at 13:48

mujhe last month periods 24 ko aaye the.but is mahine abi tak nai hue hain.pregnancy test kia but wo b negative aaya.ab kya karu

Puspanjali answer on 27 Nov '15 at 03:53

mera period3 november ko tha laken ab 26 november ha pregnent test karna kebad bo nagetive aya ha to kya karu

Meeakshi answer on 26 Nov '15 at 02:41

Mere periods ko 10 days ho gaye bt abi tk mis h kit bi negtive nikli kya m pergent ho plz tel me

Shalini simgh answer on 21 Nov '15 at 16:04

Period miss hone k kitne din baad pregnancy test ghar p karen?

Priyanka answer on 20 Nov '15 at 15:46

Mera period 14oct ko aya tha abhi tk nhi aya hai to test me negative arha h to kya mai pregnant hu ya nhi

Pranita answer on 10 Nov '15 at 07:27

Mera period time month ending hai lekin me month ke last Dino me bahut hi bimar thi to muje period aya nahi aj 10 din ho chuke hai abhi bhi period aya nahi hai or ulti or thoda shir dard Ho raha hai ulti bar bar hoti hai kya me pregnant to nahi Ho mene mere boy friend ke sath love 1 month pehle kiya tha please answer me bahut hi paresan Hu..

Urmila rajbhar answer on 10 Nov '15 at 05:57

Mera pired 29 sep aayatha Ro ab 10 Nov ho gaya hai kit may negative aaya hai Blood chek kiya par ov bhi negative hai to Kay pegrency ho sakthi hai

Manita subba answer on 05 Nov '15 at 10:31

Mera period 7 din late ho chuka hai pregnancy test bhi negative hai or muje ulti or thoda fiver bhi rahta hai plz bataye me kya karu meri age 27 hai me bahut paresan Hu..

Dini answer on 03 Nov '15 at 06:29

Period late ane ke kya karan ho sakte hain

Dini answer on 03 Nov '15 at 06:01

Period date ke 10 din bad tak period nhi aya kya kren

Ruchi answer on 21 Oct '15 at 08:31

Mughe 12 oct ko date thi maine prgnency test kiya but clear nahi ho pa raha hai kya mughe urin test karna cahiye.

Ruchi answer on 21 Oct '15 at 08:19

Mughe 12 oct ko date thi maine prgnency test kiya but clear nahi ho pa raha hai kya mughe urin test karna cahiye.

Angledua khan answer on 11 Oct '15 at 05:57

Agr strip me negtive aye to phr kia hamal rokne k lie koi injection lahaty hain kia

Vinod answer on 02 Oct '15 at 12:42

Period miss honeke_kitne_din_bad_pregnancy_test_karna

Preetisharma answer on 01 Oct '15 at 06:54

Mera period 17 August ko aaya tha 28 September ko Maine pregnancy check kiya result negetiv tha abhi tak period nhi aaya

Sam answer on 30 Sep '15 at 18:19

Period let aane ki goli khai thi magar time nikal gaya he kab tak aayegi piriad

Annu answer on 25 Sep '15 at 15:16

Mera period 13 augst ko aaya tha uske bad nhi aaya maine 20 September ko test kiya wo negetive tha to kya mai pregnant hu

Rashmi answer on 21 Sep '15 at 11:29

priyad miss hone k bad pregnancy test kab karun

Seena answer on 16 Sep '15 at 06:34

Mairi period date 10 thi aaj 16 hai or strip se check kiya to negative aaya

Meghana patil answer on 09 Sep '15 at 11:09

Period miss hone ke kitne din bad pregnancy test karna chahiye

Priyanka answer on 08 Sep '15 at 14:26

???? 25 ????? ?? ?????? ??? ?? ?? ?? 8 ?????? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ?? ?? ????? ????? ???? ?? ??????? ??? ??? ??? ?? ????? ???? ?? ??????? ??? ?? ???? ??? ??????????? ?? ?? ??? ????? ?????

Vandita.barot answer on 24 Aug '15 at 17:26

Mera 1 month and 8 days hua he test negative he to kya pregnancy ho skti he

Taha sidiq answer on 18 Aug '15 at 12:58

Mere period 21july ko hue lekin aaj 18 august hai abi tak period nhi hue kiya mein pragnant ho

Shahji answer on 18 Jun '15 at 03:54

Mjhe 8 may ko period hue or aj18 June hai abi tk period nai hue pregnancy test kia lkn negetive tha lab mn urine test krwaya to wo bi negetive tha.lkn ab tk date nai ai to kia mn pregnant hu plz tell me.

Shah answer on 11 Jun '15 at 09:46

mjhe 8th may ko date ai thi or ab 5 dn upper ho gye hn lkn date nai ai home prgnency test kia lkn negative tha to kia pregnancy hai ya nai plz tell me

Answers of Similar Question

Mom 4 answer on 09 May '11 at 17:01

I have a scale that not only measures fat but water as well. I noticed that I was starting to retain alot of water, and 2 days later I had what seemed to be an unusual amount of saliva. Soon after (like a few more days) I started to feel sick and achy all over. At this point I hadn't even missed my cycle. I decided to go out and buy both regular and digital tests. The regular one only showed 1 dark line, and the other I had to really look for like a ghost line. I thought it was just my imagination, so I waited until the next morning to take the other regular test with my first morning urine. But same thing, only this time, the other line was more like a shadow. The next day (which now would've been 5 days before my missed period) I decided to take the digital, and it read clear as day, PREGNANT! I called my doc took another urine test and also a blood test. They called that night to tell me congratulations. I was still 3 days before my missed period. I was literally only 3 weeks along. Now I am 37 weeks. It was a great thing to find out so early, but it has made for a super long pregnancy. LOL!

I love my baby answer on 09 May '11 at 17:15

They immediately start getting bigger and your nipples will darken as well.I started getting bigger glands probably about 3 weeks after i found out i was pregnant and my breasts were a dead give away they got huge quick! I went from a 34 D to a 37 DD and now i can no longer fit i a double D with out hanging out and i am 24 weeks pregnant and petite! They are out of control and i am often asked if i have implants! It angers me when i am asked that! The breasts are definitely the first sign then the missed period! If your breasts hurt even to be touched or bumped then you are more then likely pregnant and it only gets worse the further along you get! Mine feel like rocks.Just make sure when you take a pregnancy test t use first morning urine because hcg levels are higher in the morning because your urine is not diluted with things you drank through out the day. good luck to you!

Jessiekay answer on 09 May '11 at 17:15

I've never heard of implantation bleeding but I can tell you as far as pregnancy you do have sore nipples and whitish discharge. My sister took three tests that all came out negative and she was actually pregnant had to get a blood test to confirm it so it is possible that you are pregnant. I would wait till you miss your period for sure and retest then if you still have all the symptoms and no period its probably a good thing to make a doctors appt.Hope this helped and good luck!

Dr. doly answer on 09 May '11 at 17:44

during ectopic pregnancy - pregnancy tests are positive; during cysts - pregnancy tests are negative; if you missed our period - better read "Missed period - are you pregnant?" - see below

Maaya answer on 09 May '11 at 17:44

Every body is different,so the symptoms also differ. But most of them have Back pain, breast Tenderness, some light cramping, this will be their first symptoms. If you had love on your fertile days you have higher chances of becoming pregnant. So i think you have the chances and wait till you miss your period. You can also take a test 5 days before your expected period. Lots of baby dust to you.