how many times can i use unwanted kit abortion pill?

how many times can i use unwanted kit abortion pill?

Sneha asked on 07 Jan '14 at 08:24

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Saiveera answer on 28 Sep '18 at 00:46

How can you be heartless and use such awful words as ?destroy?. Do you know that what you want to destroy is a human life? All girls and women need to think carefully and take precautions not to get pregnant if you are not ready. An embryo already has life in it, so don't think you are not aborting a life. For your sensual enjoyment you want to sacrfice a life? Girls be firm with your BFs, as life is created in your wombs not in your BFs. It will be very easy for them to tell you to get the abortion done as they have enjoyed and got what they wanted from you. You are the ones that end up messing up your lives and are left with max problems and a very uncertain future. I am sure some of you who got abortions done are reading this response and how many of you are really happy now? How many of you feel you took the right decision to go for abortion? Prevention is the best method and safest for you and your wellbeing & future life. You will not have any regrets and trust me your life will go smoothly. My dear I don?t do it .I don't know how old you are but pls don't opt for abortion unless your life is in danger. Pls my child I am speaking from my heart, don't go for abortion because you don't want a child now. I am not trying to scare you but pls read the facts below and atleast give the baby for adoption but pls don?t kill it.I know of a woman in her thirties who got abortion done in her early 20s and now can not get pregnant no mater how much she is trying. You have the golden oppotunity please don't loose it and repent later on in your life. If you want to talk about it I will be glad to help you sort it out dear. I am telling my personal experience so young women will think before taking such a drastic measure. After 15 yrs I am greatly repenting it. We have been going through lot of pain and suffering for opting for abortion. After terminating the pregnancy we returned home not still realizing what we had done. All of our pain and suffering began and here is the sequence of all major ones In 1997 our son fell all the way down from 10-15 staircase and was rushed to the hospital to make sure his head was Okay. BY God?s grace he only had a huge bump in front of his head In 1998 our son (who was 8 years old) suddenly had appendicitis and had to rush him for surgery. In 1999 our daughter had suddenly fainted and had a seizure in a church gathered for some school event. We were totally terrified as to what caused it so suddenly. A lot of tests were done and discovered that a tapeworm entered her brain although she is very careful with eating food but just didn?t know how she got it. Everyone was puzzled. We were completely traumatized by this terrible attack. She went through a lot of emotional and physical pain and suffering. Fluid was drawn from her back for further diagnosis. She was put on powerful neurological medicines and it took her along time to recover. In April 2000 I went for a colonoscopy because the doctor suggested it due to my stomach problems and my colon was perforated. He sent me home and told me eat not realizing he perforated me. Right after eating I got severe pain and chills and was rushed to the hospital. The doctor wanted to just put me on antibiotics instead of doing surgery which resulted in the infection spreading and ended with peritonitis which was excruciating painful like hell. I had to be rushed for emergency surgery to repair the colon. After the surgery I developed several complications, Suddenly my pulse was going down and they had to put me on Oxygen and discovered that I had fluid in my lungs, so they aspirated the fluid with a needle which was very painful. Everyday a needle was poked in my stomach to prevent blood clotting. I was still not getting better, I had fever and chills and they discovered I had a infection and I was treated for that. I was in the hospital for 15 days. Every single day I was poked by needles. That is very unusual in America. Meanwhile my husband and children were really going through a lot emotionally and trying to manage everything without me. In 2001 our son suddenly developed a foot problem and his ankle was swollen and he had to go for surgery to fix the problem. It was a very long recovery process. He was in crutches for 2 months and my husband was giving him bath everyday. It was very painful for us to see our son suffer so much In 2002 my husband had problem with a gland in his neck and a biopsy was done and by god?s grace everything was normal. In 2003 I had to get my galbladder out as it got inflamed during my original surgery. I had complications during this surgery too and lost lot of blood and in addition I was worried about my daughter situation as she got herself in a very complicated situation. In 2004, I was rushed to the hospital for severe stomach pain and it was some kind of stomach virus. In 2005, I had to go for surgery to get the incisional hernia repaired which developed as a consequence of the original surgery. Both my husband and I realized that all this pain and suffering is because of the heinous hatya we committed. We are getting solace from prayers and visiting the pilgrimage places as Badrinath, Kedarnathand and Vaishno Devi and taking bath in Holy river Ganges. We are willing to take any punishment given to us but begging God to not punish our children. We are deeply and genuinely repenting the blunder we committed and it was not intentional but due to sheer ignorance. Children are a bundle of joy and terminating pregnancy will haunt you for the rest of your life. I think we were not in the right state of mind when we took that decision. Our pain and suffering continues to this day. I can never ever forgive myself for what I did. I know three other people who got abortions done and they are going hell just like me but in a different way. One's person's husband all of sudden fell and his brain got affected and he has become mentally insane and the wife is going through hell taking care of him. Another person got abortion after having a child and felt she did not want anymore but due to sickness she lost her only child and can not conceive anymore. Another family is going through severe financial losses and her husband also had a heartattack and their situation is also very pathetic. I am begging young girls and newly married mowmen to please, first of all do not get pregnant if you are not ready and secondly if you are pregnant please do not opt for abortion unless your life is in danger. If you can't take care of the baby give it for adoption. You may respond back to me if you have any doubts or questions.I hope you understand why I am writing all this is to prevent all of you from making the same mistake and blunder I committed. My goal is to help make you think and take a wise, correct and educated decision that is ethically and morally right and also save the innocent unborn babies. I don't want anyone to suffer like we did.I genuinely want to help you.

Laxmi readdy answer on 20 May '18 at 05:36

How many Times use unwanted kit

Baby answer on 24 Oct '17 at 05:32

I am 2 month pregnant can i take unwanted kit plzzz help me

Kk kumar answer on 17 Jan '17 at 13:27

How many time can i take anwanted kit?

Anil chakma answer on 17 Jan '17 at 13:24

How many time can i take anwanted kit?

Dilipkhosla answer on 07 Jan '17 at 19:39

After two times get unwanted kitts next time should i get pregnant

Shwe answer on 15 Mar '16 at 17:10

how many times of course ( 3 dose of 4 Misoprostol pills for each) can take for abortion? I have used two time but it is still not worked. Please , help.

Dolly answer on 03 Feb '16 at 11:43

Hi how many time we hv to use unwanted kit. I used already 4time ..so can u plzz tell me that any wrong effect 4me after this..

Mamta sharma answer on 10 Sep '15 at 04:40

How many times can I take unwanted kit Read more at: --- XXXXXhow_many_times_can_i_use_unwanted_kit_abortion_pill

Rwjiman answer on 23 Aug '15 at 13:46

How many times can I take unwanted kit

Saiveera answer on 10 Jan '14 at 18:28

How many babies do want to kill for you sensual pleasures? Do you have a conscious and a heart? Are you not a human being? Do you know that abortion means killing a baby that is yet to be born. You may think that you are having a great time and lot of enjoyment now but remember you will have to face consequences in future for your actions now. Why do want to accumulate so much bad karma. Pls use proper precaution to prevent pregnancy. Read my previous responses on how to protect yourself from getting pregnant.

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Robert armstrong answer on 14 Dec '15 at 19:02

unwanted kit is given before pregnancy to stop unwanted pregnancy. Your girlfriend is pregnant so give her MTP kit which is combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol which is used for safe and secure home abortion method. This abortion pack hold 1 pills of Mifepristone 200mg 4 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg. Take Mifepristone 1 pill primary and then take 2 pills of Misoprostol within next 24 hours and remaining 2 pills must be given within next 24 hours.

Sana answer on 13 Jun '14 at 09:43

I am 8 weeks pregant can I put unwanted kit abortion pill does it work Pls help me

John wharton answer on 15 Jan '15 at 05:38

MTP Kit is best medicine to use as Abortion pill. It will help to terminate the unwanted pregnancy within 6 to 8 weeks. You should have to take Mifepristone orally while Misoprostol can be taken orally or vaginally. Misoprostol must be used after meals and before 30 minutes of going to bed. It should always be remembered that Misoprostol should be used after 1 to 3 days after use of Mifepristone. For more: ---

Nestpillmart answer on 03 Mar '15 at 12:16

unwanted pregnancy control with birth control pill. if you take birth control pill you should not worry about the pregnancy. buy abortion kit online in online pharmacy. for more information you can visit: ---

Martin adam answer on 27 Apr '15 at 12:21

Abortion kit or MTP kit used to break down unwanted pregnancy up to 49 days or less which contains mifeprex and misoprostol pills. For more information visit: ---