Kit ka pryog kaise kre

Kit ka pryog kaise kre

Rajesh kumar asked on 28 Dec '13 at 14:10

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Laxmi answer on 16 Feb '16 at 10:23

Hi 2 month sy date nahi kya karu

Disha thakur answer on 14 Feb '16 at 17:26

Mujhe kit kaise khaya pls ye bataye

Abhinash answer on 11 Feb '16 at 15:15

Kit ka prayog kaise kare

Mohan mishra answer on 04 Feb '16 at 16:34

meri biwi 20 Days ki pregnent hai, Unwanted kit ke use karne ki bidhi bataye.

Jyoti answer on 31 Jan '16 at 18:52

Hello muhje abhi 4 week hi upr hue h m pregnant thi laken ajj mujhe achanak hi subh spotting ho gye.plz bataiye m kit kaise use karu or kiya kru thank u

Meena answer on 28 Jan '16 at 13:54

Kit ka pryog kaise kare

Ritu answer on 12 Jan '16 at 15:32

Abortion k liye goli khane k bd bleeding normal hoti h change ata h aur kitne din m abortion ki process khtm ho jati h

mk answer on 07 Jan '16 at 17:34

Unwanted_kit_ka_prayog_kaise_kare_vistar se batane ki kripa kre

Rohit answer on 28 Dec '15 at 03:20

t pill kit use kaise kare

Jassi answer on 21 Dec '15 at 14:35

es ko kaise use kre es ka kya effect hai

Rakesh answer on 19 Dec '15 at 15:37

Kit ka proyog kaise kare

Priyanka answer on 16 Dec '15 at 12:03

Mujhe dawa ko khaye hue 7 days ho gye hai but abhi tk period ni hue wat to do.....?

Udau thakkar answer on 30 Nov '15 at 18:15

Kit ka pryog kaise kre

Yachna answer on 26 Nov '15 at 00:15

I got love before 2months earlier and only once the period has came only for 2days and then no period comes until the 1month ....I test the urine test by preganews in that there are 2lines comes means pregnant pls tell me who to use the unwanted kit plsss tell me fast

Sanjay answer on 09 Nov '15 at 11:56

Caam kit ka prayog kaise karen

Sapna answer on 09 Nov '15 at 11:52

Caam kit prayog kaise karen

Swatantra answer on 29 Oct '15 at 08:48

unwanted kit kese uses kare

Rekha answer on 28 Oct '15 at 01:31

I had cross the period date approx 15 days.my pt is positive

Sudha answer on 09 Oct '15 at 14:25

Unwanted kit ka prayog kaise hota hai

Kunal answer on 22 Sep '15 at 09:17

Hello i am kunal my wife is a pragnant few one month one week . Soo how too use a kit

Kunal answer on 22 Sep '15 at 09:03

One month and six day yoo go . I am asking a too use a kit

Murtuza ali answer on 03 Sep '15 at 06:45

1st tablet khane ke kitna ghante bad blading hota hai

Rahman khan answer on 20 Aug '15 at 12:54

Hmare face pe bda bda till h kaise khalas kre plz jaldi btaye

Atul yadav answer on 19 Aug '15 at 18:34

Wife ko 5 month phle dilivary hui thi. Is month uska period nhi aya.8 din jyada ho gye h .kya WO kit le skti h or kaise.koi gal at effect body pr to nhi hoga

Naresh answer on 18 Aug '15 at 08:27

sabse pahle t pill kit ki 5 goliya kharidani h usske agle din subah khali pat badi goli khana h or 1 din chodhkar 3 goliya subah khani h phir bhi mc nahi aati h to 4 ghante baad 1 goli or khana h

Anupam answer on 14 Aug '15 at 18:17

Pahle kaun sa tab kaye aur baki kaise kaise khana aur kitne ghante bad

Ajit answer on 14 Aug '15 at 12:04

mere biwi ko baccha ruk gaya hai ushe abortion kwerwana hai kaun se kit ka use kare

Shakchi tiwari answer on 11 Aug '15 at 12:17

Mujhe 2 month ho gya pireyd nhi aaya ..I think iam pregnant mujhe btaiye ki ye kit kaise pryod kru..plz reply fast

Evon answer on 03 Aug '15 at 19:48

If I take 3 tablets in same time

Dina dadu answer on 25 Jul '15 at 04:00

Kit ka use kaise kare

Dina answer on 25 Jul '15 at 03:30

Hello dear sir/madam, meri Gf ka pregnancy ko1 mnth 1 week time hua h , please unwanted kit use krne k trike muje hindi mey btaye plz

Babali answer on 18 Jul '15 at 16:20

I'm 53day's pregnant unwanted kit is write tell fast please

Pradeep answer on 12 Jul '15 at 01:30

Mode pristine use Karen k bad misoprostal Kaiser use karege

ps answer on 10 Jul '15 at 13:55

How to use this kit and side effect to this kit what is pricotion to after use

Priya answer on 03 Jul '15 at 18:19

Mam mene pichle mahine arbortion dr.se karaya pr pta nhi kese is mahine bhi mc nhi ho rhi abortion ko ek mahina do din ho gye mujhe abortion karana h konsi goli sahi rahegi kesr use krni mujhe sahi rasta batao mam hindi me

Radhakrisna answer on 22 Jun '15 at 23:32

Kit ka pryog kaise kre

Rohit answer on 20 Jun '15 at 04:23

Unwanted ki ka use kese kare

Naresh answer on 19 Jun '15 at 09:47

Pahle 1 badi goli subah khali Pat uske baad 2 din baad subah usi time par 3 choti goli or uske 6 ghante baad 1 goli or mc aa jayegi

Naresh answer on 19 Jun '15 at 09:34

subah uthkar 1 badi goli dena h uske agle din kuch bhi nahi dena or phir tisre din subah 2 goli dena h uske 4 ghante baad 1 goli dena or uske 4 ghante baad 1 goli dena mc aa jayegi

Ilu answer on 08 Jun '15 at 03:43

Hello dear sir/madam, meri pregnancy ka 15din hue hai par T pill kit khai hu maine par abhi tak time nahi aya hai 1st tablet khayi the maine to thora sa blood aya tha us ke band abhi 3din ho gaye hai time nahi aya hai plz ap batayiye ki mai kya karu , Read more at: --- XXXXXKit_ka_pryog_kaise_kre

Mukeshmali answer on 05 Jun '15 at 10:05

t pill kit ka prying kaiser kare

Mohd javed answer on 27 May '15 at 05:35

kaise istemal karna hai

Kishandar singh answer on 23 May '15 at 12:20

Ye kaise use ki jati hai

Kajal answer on 14 May '15 at 19:27

Hello dear sir/madam, meri pregnancy ka 15din hue hai par T pill kit khai hu maine par abhi tak time nahi aya hai 1st tablet khayi the maine to thora sa blood aya tha us ke band abhi 3din ho gaye hai time nahi aya hai plz ap batayiye ki mai kya karu ,

Shailesh answer on 21 Apr '15 at 09:16

How to use kit?

Soniya answer on 10 Apr '15 at 08:30

Hello dear sir/madam, meri pregnancy ka 1 mnth 1 week time hua h , please unwanted kit use krne k trike muje hindi mey btaye plz

Awadh answer on 08 Feb '15 at 12:24

Kab tak result aata hai dawa khane ke baad

Suman answer on 03 Feb '15 at 08:59

kitne din tal piriad hote hai

Ishwarsahu answer on 24 Dec '14 at 16:56

Mere baby ko 7 mah hua hai delevary ke bad mai mc nahi hui hu aur mai pregnet ho gai hu to maine anwanted kit ka pryog kaise karu please jaldi bataye

Anjli answer on 11 Dec '14 at 13:50

I m pregnant. And i had use one Mifeprostone teb After that today My period (some blood) has come. What should i do? Should i take Misoprostol...?

Answers of Similar Question

Gagazine.com answer on 09 May '11 at 21:34

Many home pregnancy kits claim that it can detect results as early as the first day of a missed period. However, in order to attain a very reliable result, it is good to test only a week after a missed period. Home pregnancy kits work by detecting the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is produced only after the egg has attached to the uterine lining. The amount of hCG in the body rapidly increases during the first two weeks of pregnancy. These tests are able to detect as little as 50 to 150 mIU/ml of HCG in the urine. It is best to test in the morning because your urine may contain a high concentration of hCG at this time. If you wish to test early, a more sensitive test can be done at your doctor’s office because hCG in the blood appear as early as 24-48 hours after implantation. Hope this helps!

Louisegirl answer on 09 May '11 at 22:02

yeah it is possible that home kits can show negative and you can still be pregnant. sorry to say some kits are faulty. your best paying out for a good home test rather than a cheap one. i used clear blue where it tells you if you are and how far you are, one of the best in the market. if you go to the health department they will test your urine as you do at home and they will determine for sure whether you are or not. good luck

Luv my hubby! answer on 10 May '11 at 01:22

An irregular period is actually an irregular ovulation. A woman goes through phases in her cycle, and the time from the ovulation to the next period is nearly always the same each month for every individual woman. I found this out when I was charting my cycles when trying to conceive. I have VERY irregular periods (anywhere from 30 to 60 days), but once I ovulated it was ALWAYS 13 days until my next period. That's how I determined when to do a test. If you aren't charting, the way to do a test accurately while not knowing when to expect your period is to test 2-3 weeks after you have love. Are you trying to conceive? Irregular periods might make timing a little more tricky, but itself does not make you infertile. You could also try using an ovulation predictor kit if you are not comfortable with charting, or a combination of both. If you want more info about either, just google them and you should find info about both. Good luck!

Mommylawyer answer on 10 May '11 at 09:38

You wouldn't start showing this early, if you are pregnant. Usually the early symptoms are that you have missed your period, your breasts might be tender (but that could be caused by a number of things other than pregnancy), your nipples will start to change shape (become bigger), you will feel extremely tired, and you will have to urinate frequently. Did you and your husband not discuss having children before you were married? You may be surprised at his reaction! Be happy that the two of you may have created a MIRACLE - a sweet baby boy or girl. By the way, you should probably buy a pregnancy test - you can buy a two-test-kit for about $14 at Wal-Mart. The morning after first day that you miss your period (the day your period should have started), take one pregnancy test. There's nothing to it; just urinate on the test stick where the instructions tell you. Wait about 3 minutes and you'll know. I say to do it with your first urination of the morning because that is when the pregnancy hormone is strongest early on. If the test is negative, wait about a week and try it again. Sometimes the test isn't accurate until 3 to 4 weeks after conception. Good luck and be excited if you are expecting. You're married - that's the main purpose of marriage, to make children!

Sevenofus answer on 10 May '11 at 13:54

An average pregnancy is considered to be 40 weeks counted from the first day of the last menstrual period. It is more common to count from the first day of the last menstrual period because date of conception is not easily determined. Even using an ovulation predictor kit or monitoring basal body temperature and cervical mucous, you can't know for sure when ovulation occurred. At best you will come up with a likely time frame to ovulate. In addition to the unknown factor of when the egg is released from the ovary, you also have the variable of how long sperm live inside a woman. Sperm do have potential to live inside a woman for several days, possibly as long as 6-7 days if conditions are optimal. After the egg has released from the ovary it remains viable for 12-24 hours, possibly as long as 48 hours. You can not, with all certainity, say that conception takes place the day you have love because of these factors. If you somehow know when conception took place, such as in the cases of fertility treatment procedures that fertilize the egg in a laboratory setting, than the average gestational period is considered to be 266 days or 38 weeks. When the fertilized egg implants in the uterus has no bearing on the length of the pregnancy. Even using 38 or 40 weeks is only an average. A good example to explain this is with the case of my cousin and his wife. They tried for 10 years to have a baby. When they had saved enough money they went through fertility treatments and discovered my cousin's sperm were damaged. They harvested her eggs and used donor sperm. They knew the exact moment of conception simply because it happened right there in the lab in front of the technicians. It took several tries, but finally one of the fertilized eggs implanted. They gave them a due date 266 days after the egg had been fertilized in the lab. In theory you would think that baby would have been born exactly on the due date. She wasn't. Their beautiful baby girl was born 9 days before it. Everything is based on averages. There is no exact science when it comes to predicting exactly when a baby might arrive. In regards to implantation, it varies considerably, but on average, the length of time it takes for the fertilized egg to implant in the uterus is 7-10 days. This, again, is nearly impossible to determine when it actually occurs.