After taking unwanted 72 does ..?

After taking unwanted 72 does women get pregnent?

Jui chakraborty asked on 02 Apr '13 at 04:48

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Rishi answer on 07 Jan '16 at 01:45

After taking unwanted 72 had unsafe love is there possibility to get pregnant

Somen123 answer on 02 Jan '16 at 05:08

I have met my gf on 29 DEC 2015 and she had taken unwanted 72 pill within 1 hour .. Is there is any chance of getting pragnent..Even her date of period is on 11 Jan 2k16..what to do now..

Irfan answer on 30 Dec '15 at 14:37

Plz tell me

Irfan answer on 30 Dec '15 at 14:34

I had love with my girlfriend And after 67 or 68 hours she take unwanted 72 What can she pregnant Plz tell me

Payal answer on 28 Dec '15 at 10:21

We hve done unprotected love on 20Dec after 5 days of mastaurbation but i hvnt take unwanted pill yet. ....because before this 2 tim more I had tkn d pill so this time I fiil tht in future ..if any problems occur then. ....I wnted 2 know is m pragnant ....

A.bhowmick answer on 26 Dec '15 at 05:55

I had taken unwanted 72 within 36hrrs of unprotected love but still my withdrawal bleeding not get started. Its there any chance to get pregnant

Sonali answer on 22 Dec '15 at 04:59

hii,this is Sonali My period date was 11 Dec..i had taken unwanted 72 on dt 11 dec but still now period was not happen .....what will i do ...is their any problem to face pregnacy

Angel deb bose answer on 15 Dec '15 at 09:03

can i use unwanted 72; 3 times in a week after love?

Rani answer on 12 Dec '15 at 10:38

How many days get to periods after taking unwanted-72?

Deblina chakraborty answer on 03 Dec '15 at 15:06

I have take unwanted in 70 hours....and then after 2 hours I engaged to love....And again I take unwanted within 50 hours...and my period is missed for 45 days....if am I pregnant

Rimpy answer on 01 Dec '15 at 08:39

I had love wid my bf on 25 sept nd within 3 hrs taken unwanted 72 expected pregnancy date is 3 Dec iss dete chance of pregrency

Sameer answer on 27 Nov '15 at 16:14

is it possible to get pregnant after withdrawal bleeding of unwanted 72 without any intercourse again?

Jeet answer on 21 Nov '15 at 12:39

Meri gf ka pireat 14 tarikh ko end huaa aur unhone baal 14ko hi dhya tha aur maine 20 Tarikh ko mai begair condoms ke love kiya but mai uske andar discharge nahi huaa tha but mujhe shak hai ki kahi wo pregnant to nahi hai

Sonia answer on 18 Nov '15 at 15:32

I use unwanted 72 in June but till now I am not pregnant why, please tell me

Liza marry answer on 06 Nov '15 at 02:53

i have taken unwanted 72 , after 24 hrs but within 72 hrs will it works

Dolly answer on 05 Nov '15 at 15:08

If Can we take unwanted 72 immediately after love???? In this case have any issues???its wrk or not to stopping unwanted pregnancy

Rutuja answer on 05 Nov '15 at 09:07

Can i take a pill twice in month?.....is that safe for m or not?

Maitree answer on 03 Nov '15 at 12:54

After 3 days of taking of unwanted72 pill i have done intercourse again..so have to take pill again??

Pinky bamoriya answer on 05 Oct '15 at 22:25

Hamar do din Peele sec hua ur iske ek din bad Maine unwanted 72 tablet Li h ab prior kb ayega tablet Khane ke bad pregnent hone ke chance rente h ya ni

Abhishek answer on 30 Sep '15 at 16:09

I had love with my gf 50 hrs ago. Her period ended 7 days ago when we had love. Will it be safe to take pills at 65th hrs

Shoukath answer on 30 Sep '15 at 15:18

is it possible to take unwanted 72 tablet before had the love in 71 hours

Shoiukath answer on 30 Sep '15 at 14:41

then what can i do sir

Shoukath answer on 30 Sep '15 at 14:40

i have loved my gf but she have taken inwnted 72 tblt but one think she have toke tablet aftre love in 71 hour is it posible to renove the pregnacy pls help me sir

Shruti answer on 28 Sep '15 at 14:31

I had take unwanted72 pill before 3 months should I get pregnant after regular love next time

Dev answer on 24 Sep '15 at 05:43

After 4hrs of iinter course my gf took UW72 and after 3or 4hrs of taking UW72 she vomited.... so is there any chance of being pregnant???

Rahul sahu answer on 24 Sep '15 at 02:47

How long it take to bleed after taking unwanted72? My gf had love with me and i gave her unwanted 72 within an hour. After 3 hours of consumption of the pill, when she go to toilet, she noticed blood on her underwear. Sir, was this bleed was due to pill or it was because of her lose virginity, if she was a virgin?

Rahul sahu answer on 24 Sep '15 at 02:40

how long it take to bleed after taking unawanted 72. my gf had love with me, and i gave her unwanted 72 within an hour. after 3 hour she notice blood on her panty. Sir, is it because of unwanted72 or due to lose of her virginity if she was?

Abhijit answer on 16 Sep '15 at 13:29

Does unwanted 72 works if it is take in 3-4 hours of loveual interxourse

Puja debnath answer on 12 Sep '15 at 15:13

I taking unwanted 72 in 24 hours after the love but I got pregnant... why it's possible. .??if This time I accept the pregnancy then it ll be a dungarees matter for my baby

Binanda answer on 31 Aug '15 at 09:26

I had intercourse. Only 2 time I have inside and leak is she pregnant

Akash answer on 30 Aug '15 at 18:01

Me and my girlfriend had an unprotected love on friday .she took unwanted 72 after 5-6 hours of insident happened. Is any chance of having pregnent. She had sevralbody paine headache and stomach pain. It is happened due to the brokge of condom and she had period about 10 days ago

Rashmi answer on 28 Aug '15 at 09:13

hi.... i m rashmi i hv taken unwnted72 to stop my pregnecy under in 8 hrs aftr doing love wid my bf ... n my periods r nt come so is there a chance of my pregncy plz tell me?

Anjalisaini answer on 25 Jun '15 at 10:36

My periods was over on 15 June and I had love on 18 June but I had taken unwanted 72 medicine on 19 June and today is 6th day after having medicine but there is no sign of bleeding So do I got pregnant

Sk.nijamuddin answer on 16 Jun '15 at 10:26

my wife is 10days pregnant but i am no adopt this child please answer a medicine name

Raj sibdasani answer on 01 Jun '15 at 19:46

I know ipill drop in side so procible pregnancy

Shilpacute answer on 01 Jun '15 at 15:28

Hey...òn 10 may my b.f started rubbing his penis in upper part of the vagina in standing position but he is not sure if ejaculation was done or not so I took unwanted72 within the 40 hrs. ?.nd my period come within 10days ...but me having little pain in the stomach someday so is there any chance of pregnancy plzz tell me very scared...???

Shilpacute answer on 01 Jun '15 at 15:23

Hey...on 10may my b, f started rubbing his penus on upper vagina in standing position but he is not sure if ejaculation was done or not so I took unwanted72 within 40 hrs and had period withìn 10 days but me having littke pain in stomach some day so is there any chances of pregnancy plzz say me scared alot???

Abhi answer on 27 May '15 at 11:32

Dear sir ; I want to know my frnd girlfrnd hav not get mc from 40 days maximum. After love. So is it gud to take unwanted 72- 5 tablets pls rply now only . She is in so serious conditions ...

Pooja answer on 25 May '15 at 14:07

I my bhabi has taken unwanted 72 after 1 hour of intercourse on 12 may. Her period date is 20 may till 25 may she is not getting period. Is any chance of getting pregnant. Pls answer fast become she is studying in college does not want this now

Ankita answer on 23 May '15 at 05:16

If unwanted 72 pill taking after 1 hour then its possible or channces to pregnancy

Ishani dhar answer on 10 May '15 at 20:33

i have had my bleeding after taking of unwanted 72 in 7 day so has there been any chance of my pregnancy ??help me plz.. am i sequre . My bleeding has been done which is called withdrawal bleeding

Mitali nath answer on 19 Mar '15 at 06:37

I had unprotected love on 30january,,my period datewas 5feb.. and it was hapend on 7feb..bt bleeding was lack more dan anither month..in this march month my date was 7march,,bt til now it has nt hapen,,I test my urine by prega news test kit..rusult was negetive..is there any chance for pregnency??

Deepika answer on 01 Mar '15 at 09:18

comi had protected love after that i take unwanted 72 After 30 hr .is there any chance of getting pregnant?

Pregnantdeepika answer on 01 Mar '15 at 09:11

I had protected love after that i take unwanted72 afteR30 Hour is there any chance of pregnant

Ruchika answer on 23 Feb '15 at 14:24

Iam bleeding twicely after taking unwanted 72 pills within 36 hr of failure of condom. First bleeding was after 5 days of taking pills and lasted for 5 days as spotted bleefing. Second time iam having it on my normal period date and the way i usually dot ut eith tha same flow i used to hv normally.. is this normal or i hv some complication. Plz help me with it i am really worrief

Dev chauhan answer on 13 Feb '15 at 17:48

i f*** my gf and she took unwanted 72 after 2 days of intercourse and day after intercourse day period strted, so what should we do now, is there is any side effect of unwanted 72 during the perod time....

Richard macleod answer on 31 Dec '14 at 12:45

No. if you are taking unwanted 72 after 24 hours of love then there would not any chance of getting pregnant. For more: ---

Vichky answer on 02 Sep '14 at 03:43

After taking pills within 3-4 hrs if someone gets intimate unprotectly..is this pill works properly??

Deb dulal sarkar answer on 28 Jun '14 at 20:21


Emma . answer on 02 Apr '13 at 16:53

yes they can....if the fertilisation has happened before taking the tablet...even pill failures are common...

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Manojith marthandan answer on 13 Jun '13 at 15:34

how to prevent the abdominal pain after taking the unwanted pill

Saiveera answer on 28 Jan '14 at 19:32

Please do not use unwanted kit and kill a life that God creates. Instead of that use proper protection to prevent pregnancy. Here are the different methods: Looking for Family Planning?Want to Delay Pregnancy?Not ready to get pregnant now? What are my Choices? If you are not ready to get pregnant and are looking for methods to prevent pregnancy or want to wait for a few years to get pregnant, below are various options for you to choose from. Each one has different failure rates -- no method other than abstinence is 100% effective -- but as per your preference you can make a choice after talking to your doctor about each method and doing your own research to find out what is the best method that suits you or interests you. Natural Natural family planning is also known as the rhythm method. It requires tracking the woman's ovulation and avoiding having love when she is fertile. However, the failure rate is only 25% which is pretty high and you should be very precise with your calculations & requires careful planning with method Barrier Method Barrier methods include the condom, the diaphragm and the cervical cap. The diaphragm covers the entrance to the uterus, thereby blocking the sperm's access. The condom keeps the sperm contained. In general, barrier methods have a failure rate of in the range of 11 percent to 20 percent, Oral/Topical Some women take pills or wear a patch to control the hormones that allow pregnancy to occur. If used correctly, these drugs prevent pregnancy. You can stop taking the pills if you are ready to get pregnant. The failure rate of the pill or patch is about 5 percent, although it might be somewhat higher in overweight women. Injection Depo-Provera is an injection given to women as birth control. Women must get the shot four times per year, and it has a failure rate of less than 1 percent. Internal IUD stands for internal uterine device. An IUD is inserted into a woman's uterus by a doctor to prevent pregnancy. When the woman is ready to get pregnant the doctor can remove the device. The IUD has a failure rate of about 1 percent. Newer devices, such as the Nuva-Ring, have a failure rate of about 5 percent. Sterilization Both men and women can undergo sterilization procedures, with the goal of permanently preventing pregnancy. Failure rates for both men and women are less than 1 percent however, the procedures are never fool-proof or completely effective in everyone. If you want more detailed information get it right from Letsbaby.com or from the website below. ---

Sudeep panigrahi answer on 26 Mar '14 at 18:16


Sikha answer on 30 Apr '14 at 18:56

After taking the firsr mdcn of unwanted thn i bleed heavly bt after 12hour itz stopped nw i take 2 mdcn of unwanted kit..so i am still pregnent..suggest me plz..

Saiveera answer on 11 Jul '14 at 18:27

Please read my very personal heartwrenching experience before taking such a crucial decision. My dear pls don't opt for abortion unless your life is in danger. After 15 yrs I am greatly repenting it. We have been going through lot of pain and suffering for opting for abortion. After terminating the pregnancy we returned home not still realizing what we had done. All of our pain and suffering began and here is the sequence of all major ones In 1997 our son fell all the way down from 10-15 staircase and was rushed to the hospital to make sure his head was Okay. BY God?s grace he only had a huge bump in front of his head In 1998 our son (who was 8 years old) suddenly had appendicitis and had to rush him for surgery. In 1999 our daughter had suddenly fainted and had a seizure in a church gathered for some school event. We were totally terrified as to what caused it so suddenly. A lot of tests were done and discovered that a tapeworm entered her brain although she is very careful with eating food but just didn?t know how she got it. Everyone was puzzled. We were completely traumatized by this terrible attack. She went through a lot of emotional and physical pain and suffering. Fluid was drawn from her back for further diagnosis. She was put on powerful neurological medicines and it took her along time to recover. In April 2000 I went for a colonoscopy because the doctor suggested it due to my stomach problems and my colon was perforated. He sent me home and told me eat not realizing he perforated me. Right after eating I got severe pain and chills and was rushed to the hospital. The doctor wanted to just put me on antibiotics instead of doing surgery which resulted in the infection spreading and ended with peritonitis which was excruciating painful like hell. I had to be rushed for emergency surgery to repair the colon. After the surgery I developed several complications, Suddenly my pulse was going down and they had to put me on Oxygen and discovered that I had fluid in my lungs so they aspirated the fluid with a needle which was very painful. Everyday a needle was poked in my stomach to prevent blood clotting. I was still not getting better, I had fever and chills and they discovered I had a infection and I was treated for that. I was in the hospital for 15 days. Every single day I was poked by needles. That is very unusual in America. Meanwhile my husband and children were really going through a lot emotionally and trying to manage everything without me. In 2001 our son suddenly developed a foot problem and his ankle was swollen and he had to go for surgery to fix the problem. It was a very long recovery process. He was in crutches for 2 months and my husband was giving him bath everyday. It was very painful for us to see our son suffer so much In 2002 my husband had problem with a gland in his neck and a biopsy was done and by god?s grace everything was normal. In 2003 I had to get my galbladder out as it got inflamed during my original surgery. I had complications during this surgery too and lost lot of blood and in addition I was worried about my daughter situation. In 2004 I was rushed to the hospital for severe stomach pain and it was some kind of stomach virus. In 2005 I had to go for surgery to get the incisional hernia repaired which developed as a consequence of the original surgery. Both my husband and I realized that all this pain and suffering is because of the heinous crime we committed. We are getting solace from prayers and visiting the pilgrimage places as Badrinath, Kedarnathand and Vaishno Devi and taking bath in Holy river Ganges. We are willing to take any punishment given to us but begging God to not punish our children. We are deeply and genuinely repenting the blunder we committed and it was not intentional but due to sheer ignorance. Children are a bundle of joy and terminating pregnancy will haunt you for the rest of your life. I think we were not in the right state of mind when we took that decision. Our pain and suffering continues to this day. I can never ever forgive myself for what I did. 2..... Consult a gynecologist immediately before she takes anything. It is very dangerous for both the baby and the mother to do anything on your own at this stage of pregnancy. If you are a good person you will take care of her and do the right thing and your life will also be good. Did you even think for a minute how lucky you are that this didn't happen to you when you were in your mother's womb. How can you contemplate such terrible thought. Why have love and get your girl friend or wife pregnant when you are not ready to have a baby and take the responsibilty. Why don't you take proper precautions. Try to lead a life that is morally & ethically right. Do you have a conscious and a heart? Are you not a human being? Do you know that abortion means killing a baby that is yet to be born. You may think that you are having a great time and lot of enjoyment now but remember you will have to suffer & face consequences in future for your actions now. Why do want to accumulate so much bad karma. Pls read all my responses and messages on this matter before you decide to take this drastic step. If you search for saiveera in the search box all my responses for users questions on this topic will... show up. I hope you got a chance to read all my messages on the subject and took proper decision that is ethically & morally right and the decision that you can live peacefully with for the rest... of your lives. Consult with gynecologist before doing anything drastic. Ask yourself these questions.. Am I in the right state of mind? Will I be able live with this decision for the rest of my life or lives if two of you are involved? Do you have a right to abort a life created by God? These questions you need ask yourself, Carefully go through my previous answers to questions on such subjects and do the sensible and right thing. Why don't you find something better and meaningful in life? Pls use your time to do good things in life. Think carefully before using the unwanted kit. Is your inner consciousness allowing you to do this? Is this morally right ? Am I in the right state of mind? Will I be able live with this decision for the rest of my life or lives if two of you are involved? Do you have a right to abort a life created by God? These questions you need ask yourself, Carefully go through my previous answers to questions on such subjects and do the sensible and right thing. Believe me a few years from now you will really feel very happy that you took the right decision..Type in SaiVeera and you will see all my answers on this subject. Good Luck