i had sex with my gf on 24 feb, ..?

i had sex with my gf on 24 feb, then she take unwanted 72 after half an hour we again did unprotected sex. her period date was 28 feb, bt she dint got till yet its 04 march today. is there any chances of pregnancy?? if yes wat to do now??

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dipak gautam asked on 04 Mar '13 at 06:02

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There have been cases of emergency contraceptives failure too... wait for another week if no periods then take a home pregnancy test...

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Emma . answer on 06 Mar '13 at 19:58

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apke periods pe depend karta hai...agar cycle 28 days ki hai toh 14 days ke around ovulation hota hai ...isi time par pregnant ho sakte hain...

Emma . answer on 28 Nov '12 at 07:00

Once the bleeding stops... the lady is able to do her routine activities and there are no infections then after 2 months will be fine... just be careful about her periods they can be irregular for some time..you dont want to get her pregnant till 6 months of recovery period.

Emma . answer on 28 Feb '13 at 18:45

Better you take medical assistance then taking mtp kit just like that...the doctor will guide you properly ...you should be sure its not ectopic pregnancy or any other complication otherwise you can bleed heavily ...

Emma . answer on 21 Jun '13 at 16:52


You wont get pregnancy symptoms so fast. . You need to wait till your next periods.  . By abdominal pain n vomiting it looks like urinary infection.  . Get yourself tested . . Do u hv fever with chills ? 

dolly answer on 12 Jul '13 at 14:34

the pregnancy has to end ...if the fetus still survives the pills then it will die but still be attached to your body so you go to a doctor, if there are no signs of bleeding or incomplete abortion. get an ultrasound done to confirm  and get a dnc done if remnants are still left inside the uterus

Priya answer on 18 Jul '13 at 17:26


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