i had sex with my gf on 24 feb, ..?

i had sex with my gf on 24 feb, then she take unwanted 72 after half an hour we again did unprotected sex. her period date was 28 feb, bt she dint got till yet its 04 march today. is there any chances of pregnancy?? if yes wat to do now??

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dipak gautam asked on 04 Mar '13 at 06:02

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There have been cases of emergency contraceptives failure too... wait for another week if no periods then take a home pregnancy test...

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Emma . answer on 06 Mar '13 at 19:58

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amanda bisha

That was after I hd an unprotected sex with my bf ... 3days bfr my periods.. M I pregnant?

amanda bisha answer on 04 Nov '14 at 08:28


i do not know iam pregnant i have taken tab mifepristone ofter unprotected sex can i get interruption with periods

anmarynagothu answer on 02 Sep '14 at 06:50

I got my last periods in may 27 frm 31 then I had unprotected sex on 13 june acording to my expectd date my periods should be btween 23 to 25 but I dint got my period I i did a pregnancy test in my home it showes negative result then I used mtp kit but by consuming it no pain no bleeding no syd effect den yestrday mrng for confirming again I did pregnancy test it shows weird result one pink line is dark and other one is realy lite I thougt I was a valid one den again today in morning I did test and again got the same result one line dark and one really lite why all these is happening what is my main problem am confused am I pregnent or nt if nt den why my petiods are nt coming pls help me

Megha Joshi answer on 06 Jul '14 at 02:53

you may be pregnant. do the pregnancy test and if it comes positve you may be pregnant. how can you be so foolish to have unprotected sex? Why don't you girls use your mind and think before you do such a thing and ruin your life and future for temporary sensual pleasure. Why can't say no to your Bfs or use proper protection. Pls take proper decision or consult with your parents if you pregnant.

SaiVeera answer on 24 Jan '14 at 16:33


wait another week after you miss your periods then take test because abdominal pain can be because of lot of things ...if you had unprotected sex or may be hormonal imbalance...

baby answer on 27 Aug '13 at 16:29

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