i had love with my gf on 24 feb, ..?

i had love with my gf on 24 feb, then she take unwanted 72 after half an hour we again did unprotected love. her period date was 28 feb, bt she dint got till yet its 04 march today. is there any chances of pregnancy?? if yes wat to do now??

Dipak gautam asked on 04 Mar '13 at 06:02

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Emma . answer on 06 Mar '13 at 19:58

There have been cases of emergency contraceptives failure too... wait for another week if no periods then take a home pregnancy test...

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Akash answer on 30 Aug '15 at 18:01

Me and my girlfriend had an unprotected love on friday .she took unwanted 72 after 5-6 hours of insident happened. Is any chance of having pregnent. She had sevralbody paine headache and stomach pain. It is happened due to the brokge of condom and she had period about 10 days ago