Another hope and dream for a baby. Okie dokie I took a test just because I really didn't have any suspicion on being pregnant. It came out negative so I put it in the trash, the next morning I was taking out the garbage and it fell out I picked it up and what do you know! another little blue line appeared. It was a little faint but still there I broke open the test to see if there was REALLY a line there yep positive! So I take another just to be sure, negative And another this morning, negative. Im a week before my period so if my period is missed I'll surely take another. But still there was a positive and it's said that its very rare to have a false positive. The line I seen was definitely not an evaporation line because it was blue normally its colorless or grey. Anywho, any similar stories? What do the mommies think about this? Will my fiancé and I be having a baby? lol I know we won't know for sure until a doctors visit but im nervous. oh and im not sure the brand of the test I took it has a pink cap with two separate windows. The first one is a circle to show neg or pos and the other is an oval to assure it was a working test. No line in the circle negative One line in the circle positive. If someone can tell me if they might know what brand it is. Its not clear blue and im not sure if its first response. Thank you oh and I don't notice anything different with my body really. Mm the only thing I must say has been weird is these random hot flashes. I just break out with sweat beads everywhere. Im only 20 so not menopause and im healthy :) so idk.

Alexandria hawthorne asked on 04 Mar '13 at 03:07

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Nsime answer on 04 Mar '13 at 18:59

Well...as for the test. I have bought pregnancy tests from the dollar store and they work. SO I wouldn't worry about the kind of test you took. As for if you are pregnant it does say on the package any line showing after the waited 5 minutes may be false. In turn I wouldn't assume you are until you miss your period. You can always go to an area pregnancy resource center or hope pregnancy center and get a test for free...and maybe even an ultrasound.