Is the " I can't believe it's not ..?

Is the " I can't believe it's not butter " spray, safe during pregnancy?

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Anonymous asked on 02 Mar '13 at 13:21

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Hi plz tell me i get one month pregnancy and I take unwanted kit but blooding is little bit then I check I have pregnant plz tell me that baby is safe or not what will do

shanavi chahar answer on 28 Aug '15 at 05:29


hi I m 23 years old girl .last night I used prega news so that results positive so I take unwanted kit and till now m having one pill plz do tell me it's safe or how much time take bleeding

tanu answer on 17 Aug '15 at 10:47

alamgir shaikh

Period ki 2ganta bad sex safe hai kya

alamgir shaikh answer on 16 Aug '15 at 18:25

Read more to use unwanted kit :-

medsonline4u answer on 14 Aug '15 at 08:52

Have a safe, secure and confidential termination of pregnancy. You can take Mifepristone with Misoprostol pill.

medsonline4u answer on 13 Aug '15 at 08:59


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