Is the " I can't believe it's not ..?

Is the " I can't believe it's not butter " spray, safe during pregnancy?

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Anonymous asked on 02 Mar '13 at 13:21

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Ankesh Sharma

ma usa 2 mahina same sax nikiya ha or vo mc ma aye 2 days hu ha ma Mc ka kitna time bad sax karsaktha hu or vo safe rha

Ankesh Sharma answer on 04 Oct '15 at 22:34


Mc me kitne din pahle sex karna without proction safe Hai.

Xyz answer on 01 Oct '15 at 20:03


I had sex with my gf 50 hrs ago. Her period ended 7 days ago when we had sex. Will it be safe to take pills at 65th hrs

Abhishek answer on 30 Sep '15 at 16:09


agar sperm vagina ke ander nahi gya hea to pregnant nahi hogi aap. always use condom for safe sex.

raman answer on 26 Sep '15 at 16:09


6 month ke bad sex kerna safe hota hea.

raman answer on 26 Sep '15 at 16:06


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