Is the " I can't believe it's not ..?

Is the " I can't believe it's not butter " spray, safe during pregnancy?

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Anonymous asked on 02 Mar '13 at 13:21

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Mera delivery 3 month pahle major oppration she hua hai,kya mai sexual life suru karu,its safe na ?

sweta answer on 27 May '15 at 09:08

Abortion Pills or MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) kit online is a FDA approved medicine for terminating an unwanted pregnancy. mtp kit or which medicine do you suggest for termination at all parameters are normal and hb% is 11.what should i do now for safe ... for more information :

nestpill mart answer on 12 May '15 at 12:08


Can I repeat this mifegest kit if pregnancy is confirm. Is it safe?

prashant answer on 26 Apr '15 at 08:13

You can buy abortion pills online from most trusted pharmacy at affordable price and It is safe to buy with some easy step. Visit :

Martin Adam answer on 06 Apr '15 at 09:06


after taking mensvit plus is it safe to feed my first 8month baby

kumuda answer on 07 Mar '15 at 03:20


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