my gf have menses on 8 and we have ..?

my gf have menses on 8 and we have an love on 19 but i have  not ejaculate in her as i remember but some drops may be ....and after 1 hr she take unwanted 72 ...so may she got pregnat what are the chances or when her periond come.....please reply as soon as possible

Arpit shrimal asked on 01 Dec '12 at 11:32

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Kishore kumar mohapatra answer on 30 Apr '16 at 23:23

My wife take unwanted mankind pills now she never pregnant or not

Kishore kumar mohapatra answer on 30 Apr '16 at 23:19

Sir my take unwanted mankind pills now I love with my wife but still no pregnant

Nestpill mart answer on 25 May '15 at 08:54

You can take Primolut-n pill it is effective tablet to come your period on that time. this tablet you can take 5 days only. for more : ---

John wharton answer on 02 Jan '15 at 13:09

Well period cycle may vary 7to 10 days but if she had took unwanted 72 then there are no chances to getting pregnant. ---

Arpit shrimal answer on 02 Dec '12 at 08:22

but today morning she start bleeding with amount  blood flow with stomach pain  as she always have pain in stomach with menses then also chance of pregnancy ...plzzzz  reply fast

Emma . answer on 01 Dec '12 at 19:00

hi, i read your question...i guess she is pregnant cause this scanty bleeding can be implantation bleeding which occurs 6-12 days after conception its like brownish or pinkish discharge...it might be possible that she conceived within an hour...wait for another week then take a test...

Arpit shrimal answer on 01 Dec '12 at 15:38

hai thanks today she is feeling diziness whole day and headache and in evening she bleed two time in small amount is she got her period or anything else

Rosy s. answer on 01 Dec '12 at 14:11

HI, most probably she is not pregnant....depending on length of her cycle she might get her periods....if its around a month then next month around 8th...