I am a day shy of five weeks along. In the time it took me to carry dinner into the house and put it on the counter I bled through my pants. NO clotting, NO spotting, and that was the only blood, a one time GUSH. No cramping, although I can feel pressure in the ovary area which I felt with my daughter as well. I went to the ER. The sac was where it should be, high HGC levels, my cervix was still closed and I'm not far enough to see baby in ultra sound. They said I had not yet miscarried and it is a 50 50 if I will, and to wait a few days and have my HGC levels rechecked. That all happened last night. I'm very nervous, I really want this baby. I have never so much as spotted during a pregnancy before and have only had 2 pregnancies, both with led to healthy full term vaginal births. What do you think? Has something similar happened to you? Did it result in a miscarriage or a baby?

Shea asked on 24 Sep '12 at 01:23

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Rosy s. answer on 25 Sep '12 at 09:28

hi, Bleeding always dont turn into miscarriages but with late age and some other complications ...bleeding should be taken seriusly ...just rest yourself ...if you worry it will only make things worse...eat healthy and stay happy...its absolutely not necessary if it goes that way...even if it does..your keeping track on it...and der are a lot of ways to keep a pregnancy...docs will help you...:)