Can we take hempushpa syrup during ..?

Can we take hempushpa syrup during pregnancy. Plz send me guidance about this.

Vaidee asked on 03 Sep '12 at 16:10

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Kiran answer on 10 Nov '17 at 05:22

after taking dose of hempushpa i have allergy on body

Ritu answer on 27 May '17 at 11:28

Hum family plan kr rhe h sath me m hempushpa le rhi hu isse koi problem to nhi hogi...

Rashmi desai answer on 26 Apr '17 at 09:25

Mere period irregular hai or mujhe baccha bhi chahiye kya me fir hempushpa tonic le sakati huuu kya dono at time me kar sakati hu kya family planning

Shailendra answer on 24 Mar '17 at 15:02

Kya pregnancy me hempuspa le sakte hai ?

Sitaram answer on 05 Jan '17 at 15:26

hemoushpa ko sardiyo ke dino me sewan kar sakate ya nhi

Khuahboo verma answer on 28 May '16 at 02:44

Is hempushpa syrup is helps in conceiving? ????

Milu sahoo answer on 05 Jul '15 at 03:52

Haa hatay haa

Milu sahoo answer on 05 Jul '15 at 03:40

Mera pregnancy nahi ho raha hi.plz suggesion me.

Ashish answer on 04 May '15 at 00:43

Can we use hempuspa

Pharmgirl89 answer on 03 Sep '12 at 16:16

If you are already pregnant, you need to make an appointment with a physician. Most doctors will not recommend you take anything other than your multivitamin because it is unethical to test drugs on pregnant women because the possible harm to the baby. That is why almost all FDA approved drugs say ask your doctor if pregnant, breast feeding because enough is not known about hte possible harm to a baby.

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Pooja answer on 20 Aug '16 at 16:00

Mc aane k kitne din bd love krne k pregnant ho jay

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Bimal mandi answer on 21 Aug '16 at 20:03

1 months 3 days pregnant. can U tellme how to use clear kit & how many tablets. my self Mr. Subhastine .

Harisingh answer on 22 Aug '16 at 04:16

1mahine ki pregnancy goli kon si he?

Palak tyagi answer on 22 Aug '16 at 08:07

I can use hempushpa to stop pregnancy