Last period was on july 5-8 ovulated on the 19 & had sex on the 22. Started spotting on the 26-29 reddish when I wipe brownish when dry. Its now been 8 days since the 22nd intercourse day unprotected. Am I pregnant? Help!!???

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Kimberly asked on 30 Jul '12 at 20:12

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Yup it seems like your pregnant...!!...go get a blood test done cause its difficult to get a positive test before your due date..or you can wait for your due date and get a home pregnancy test done...:)...the bleeding you got can be Implantation bleeding...good luck..

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Emma . answer on 01 Aug '12 at 12:17


Doesnt implantation bleeding occur 9 days after ovulation??? Because I started spotting on july 26 & lasted for about 8 days. Im confused :(????

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Kimberly answer on 02 Aug '12 at 04:24

yes but wont last for 9 seems if you have normal flow then you menstruated at irregular time thats all....still confused then get a test ...

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Rosy s. answer on 05 Aug '12 at 14:04


Im pretty iregular. Sometimes I dont get it in 2 months and sometimes I get it early. Ill be sure to take a tedst.Thank you:)

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Kimberly answer on 05 Aug '12 at 21:02

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you may be pregnant. do the pregnancy test and if it comes positve you may be pregnant. how can you be so foolish to have unprotected sex? Why don't you girls use your mind and think before you do such a thing and ruin your life and future for temporary sensual pleasure. Why can't say no to your Bfs or use proper protection. Pls take proper decision or consult with your parents if you pregnant.

SaiVeera answer on 24 Jan '14 at 16:33


wait another week after you miss your periods then take test because abdominal pain can be because of lot of things ...if you had unprotected sex or may be hormonal imbalance...

baby answer on 27 Aug '13 at 16:29


hi, it is better your ask your GF to take the i-pill to avoid any unwanted pregnancy, one can never be sure what can happen due to unprotected sex. take the i-pill and relax.

Mohit answer on 20 Jun '13 at 09:52

yes you can get pregnant at any time while having unprotected sex.

vivian dee answer on 07 May '13 at 06:24

there's always a chance when u have unprotected sex sperm stays in your body up to 5 days sometimes longer always wear protection if you don't what a kid

Rose Lentz answer on 21 Mar '13 at 10:58

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