At what week in your pregnancy did you give birth to your firstborn?

Also, did you have back labor?

Ree asked on 23 May '11 at 14:58

Post Answer - Aapka Jawab

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Starsfan14 answer on 09 May '11 at 17:01

I have been on Lovenox with both of my pregnancies. The first time I started at 27 weeks after a DVT was found in my left thigh. And the entire time with my second child. I started them in my first pregnancy in my stomach and love handles. However, I was having a lot of pain with them there. And the bruises were horrible. I have always been rather thin and I had no fat on my stomach and very little in the love handle area. So my doctor allowed me have mine put in my rear (my husband did them) and that worked out for me. Although I have heard of many people taking them the entire pregnancy in their stomach. It is perfectly safe to put them there. I don't think you can hit the baby with that short of a needle (although I know it doesn't feel short in your stomach) Although you can always ask your doctor. He/she might allow you to change the place like mine did. Take care, I know those shots aren't fun.

Doh doh answer on 09 May '11 at 17:44

speaking as a person who was pregnant I can answer the reasons that I did not tell anyone. Yes I knew I was pregnant. Did I try to ignore it? yes I did. My reason (although I know how stupid they are now) was mainly fear. Fear my mother would disown me, fear my boyfriend would leave me, fear that my friends would no longer want to be around me. Fear that my older sister would kill me. Shame that I had let myself get this way. Fear that people at school would find out. I waited so long to tell an "adult" that a doctor would not see me as I was to far along and had not seen a doctor. The only doctor who would take me was the local health department. Now 17 years later and my daughter I gave birth to is now the age I was when she got pregnant. I make sure she is informed and aware of what can happen. I knew she had a steady b/f for a year, I took her down and had her put on birth control. Want to break the cycle.

Xo.new mommy in nyc.ox answer on 09 May '11 at 18:56

well alot of people say that its genetics whether u get them or not...my mom did not get them..so i thought i was freeeee of them..until like 36 weeks i started getting a couple on my belly which at 41 weeks have not gotten too bad but there are a few more now..hopefully with lotion and watnot theyll diminish a bit..its different for everyone tho..i think if ur going to get them they can show up at anyy time

Dollybrie answer on 09 May '11 at 19:10

Yes. For me, I was 45 days late before a positive test. Going to the MD is your best bet. They can test your blood. Which is a much more reliable way. I was told that it did not show up in urine tests because of stress. Go figure! Good Luck Girl.

Poohb2878 answer on 09 May '11 at 20:08

My relationship with my husband has actually grown stronger. I've given him lots of reading materials about my hormonal changes so he understands I'm not always in control of my own body anymore. There have been times when it's been rough, but on the whole my pregnancy has brought us closer together. We talk a lot more about our hopes and fears for the future. I think communication is key. As far as attraction is concerned...I haven't noticed my husband "checking out" other women and he tells me daily how good I look (and he likes how I smell. apparently I smell differently. He even made a joke the other day that while God has given me cankles, he made up for it by makign me smell good.) I did want love more earlier on in pregnancy (when I looked normal) but now at 8 months it's the last thing on both of our minds. We just talk and laugh together. That's what's healthy for us. But it's important to remember that every relationship adn every pregnancy is different.