have you ever had really bad back pain in early pregnancy?

I've heard that back pain can be due to being pregnant. I have 3 children and have never had it when pregnant with them. I, however, did have it with my 4th pregnancy, ended in miscarriage at 5 weeks. But I had a terrible back ache just before and after I found out I was pregnant that time. We are trying again and I currently am on day 3 of a terrible back ache again. Just wondering if its pretty normal in early pregnancy. And no I'm not trying to decide if I'm pregnant based on back pain. I'm just wondering what your story is if you had it.

Alisa asked on 23 May '11 at 05:36

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Anna answer on 03 Sep '12 at 15:57

I had my period 15 July 2012 and ovulated 29 July 2012. My next period was supposed to come 12 August but it didn't come on time. I am extremely regular. Always 28 day cycle and always seven days long. It finally started 14 August, but extremely late in the day. It always comes in the late morning but it came later afternoon. When it started, it was light pink. Usually it's very bright red. After a day (15 August) it brightened up but the next morning (16 August) it was pale pink and very light flow but that afternoon it completely stopped. It didn't start again until the morning of 17 August but then it stopped mid-day and started again that night and officially ended 18 August. Since then I've had nausea, extreme vomiting on 26 August. Three bouts out of no where and I hadn't eaten anything. All of it was water and green tea, which isn't irregular for me to drink. Since then, I've been nauseous right after eating and haven't had much of an appetite. I've had slight nose bleeds, some constipation, more fatigued than usual, emotional (may be due to the possible upcoming period in a week though?), my breasts grew a cup size and feel heavy but they aren't tingly or sore, my areolas are normal colored but bigger, a little bit of gum bleeding when brushing but only on a couple of occasions, somewhat runny nose, a little more frequent urination, one dizzy spell this morning where I actually blacked out and fell, a little more acne (never been one to have acne), very bloated and my stomach seems bigger (a little difficult to button my pants) I've heard it could be due to water retention because the baby would only be 1/3 inch tops (7 weeks), no difficulty sleeping but no matter how much sleep I get, it isn't enough (never nap but have been past two weeks). When I get my period, I never get cramps. I've never had cramps before. One time I was pregnant and had a miscarriage but the pain was excruciating so I know that isn't it. More to know is I'm 5'0" and 107 pounds. I haven't weighed myself in months and don't own a scale so I don't know if I've put on added pounds but I can definitely tell I'm bigger. I usually am very slender and always have been but now I have a bulge. It isn't in the pelvic area though, it's right above the panty line and it bumps out real fast but as it goes up towards my belly button, it slowly slenders back to normal. So basically, the bulk of the new weight is between an inch above my belly button down to my panty line.Sorry for any disturbing details. I'm not one to speak of some things mentioned but with pregnancy, I'm very thorough. As I mentioned, I am very regular but have tried through a span of three years with multiple partners for children with no success and fertility boosters have been needed in most women in my family but I'm attempting for as long as I can to conceive naturally. This is very important to me and I've gotten my hopes up before and got shot down so I want to make sure this is a yes. I don't want to buy a test unless I get enough people to think I am pregnant. I've invested too much money on pregnancy tests to just get negatives and don't want to buy more without reason to. I'd visit a doctor but am far too busy with college and work to find the time. Serious answers only please. This is a very sensitive topic and I don't need to hear people be disrespectful and immature. If you have something rude to say, I ask you to please keep it to yourself. Thank You.