Does OSHC cover pregnancy in hospital?

I am a student in NSW and i am on the OSHC medibank,i went to hospital to book in and they told me to pay $980 before they could book me in and charge the same every other day that i was in hospital. I thot the insurance covers the total cost. Now am stuck on how al go with my pregnancy as i do not have the money. Does anyone know how to go along with this? Or know any hospital in Newcastle that acepts without pocket costs

Michel alusiola asked on 22 May '11 at 20:58

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Josephine answer on 09 May '11 at 18:27

Well, my hospital bill was $8,000. And that's cheap (I didn't have any 'extras', drugs, NICU or anything). And my doctor bills during pregnancy were a couple thousand more.

Unicorn18_98 answer on 09 May '11 at 19:25

If you can't get in to see you doctor today, than I would go to the hospital. It is rare but not unheard of to have a miscarriage at any stage of the pregnancy (they may call it a still birth, but basically the same thing). Since this is your 4th child, you should know you body pretty well. Every pregnancy may be different, but having braxton hicks (you seems pretty sure of this) this early should be giving you a red flag. Good luck.

Jerri_k02 answer on 09 May '11 at 22:58

It all depends on your HCG levels. I had a pregnancy test done when I was 7 weeks pregnant at 2 different hospitals that came out neg. (thought I had a kidney stone). Bought a home pregnancy test 2 wks later and it was positive. Then went for an ultra sound 2 days later, and I was almost 10 wks. pregnant.

My baby falls asleep smiling :) answer on 09 May '11 at 23:27

I'm on the Gold Coast & have a medibank card (I'm in top hospital & extras cover) & am having my bubs at a private hospital :) I can tell you my experience so far as I'm 25 weeks pregnant. Each Ob appointment is $80 & you get $30 ish back from medicare & you'll see the Ob every four weeks until 28weeks then every two weeks. Not covered by medibank. The two important scans at 12weeks & 19weeks were around the $300 mark each & get minimal back from medicare. Not covered by medibank. My Ob charged $1850 at the 24 week appointment for his services of which medicare will contribute a whopping $100 & medibank will contribute $0.00. Antenatal classes at private hospitals charge $240+ & you'll get $0 back. I'd recommend finding a private midwife as you'll pay about the same & get more one on one attention. I called my private hospital & asked if they could give me the name of someone & turned out the nurse who teaches the antenatal class at the hospital also does private classes which was great as she'll know the hospital procedures etc. As far as the in hospital goes, I'm hoping that's when medibank will finally come to the table as that's what they're really there for. If you reach your safety net (as at 2009 = $1111) out of pocket expenses in a calendar year via medicare by the time your 24week bill is due at your Ob you'll get 80% back. Unfortunately for me I did reach my safety net but then 1st Jan rolled around & wiped it clear just in time for my $1850 bill grrr :( As for the amount of money I've spent on actual baby purchases that's a personal choice you could spend a little or a lot & that's up to your individual budget. I hope this helps! Edit - Oh just remembered the initial Ob appointment was $220. Also, I dare say a lot of these figures I've mentioned will be more in Sydney, I know for a fact they're more expensive just in Brisbane a friend of mine's initial consult at her Ob was $375 & medicare only gives back $60. Edit #2 - Hopefully you won't need it but I've been on Zofran since week 6 (for severe morning sickness) & am still taking it. The cost is $60 per box & you only get four tablets per box, this isn't covered by PBS & medicare won't help you, this is where Medibank will if you have pharmaceutical cover. Four tablets in my bad weeks lasts only 2 days!!! So I have paid $30 per day in most weeks just to get through the day!!! Medibank gives me back on each $60 packet, $30. Remember too that the pharmaceutical isn't much per year, in this case I'm lucky I got a top up on Jan 1st!

Momx3 answer on 10 May '11 at 00:39

I believe it can, b/c there are over-the-counter tests that claim the same thing. The hospital/dr can draw blood and test for HCG...a chemical only present if you're pregnant. Good luck!!