What's the difference between pregnancy cramps and miscarriage cramps?

Whats the difference between pregnancy cramps and miscarriage cramps? how do they feel different, etc?? i had a successful pregnancy 2 years ago, and a miscarriage about a little over a month ago. i think i am pregnant now, and dont believe i am or am going to have a miscarriage, im just nervous of the chances because of my last pregnancy ending in miscarriage.. thanks for your advice!

Alicia asked on 11 May '11 at 09:27

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Jj answer on 11 May '11 at 09:27

I had a miscarriage- and am ttc so i know ur fear of having another one especially after not a long time of healing- I am sorry for your loss- -pregnancy cramps are very very mild- just a little tugging and pulling once in a while nothing you would really feel more think is uncomfortable - yet mc pain is pretty obvious- it is cramping and severy back ache and pain accompanied by blood almost like a period but heavier and it progresses within a matter of a day to a couple hours- when you have a mc try to let your ueterus heal- even though its hard- but after loosing a pregnancy most dr's say to wait a few months for the body to heal itself- good luck I hope you get the answers u are looking for- Baby Dust to you