Do weird dreams when expecting always have to do with the baby or the pregnancy?

I've been having the weird dreams everyone says you get when you're pregnant. I'm almost 7 weeks. But the dreams have nothing to do with the baby or the pregnancy. Every book I have gives detail on the kind of dreams to expect and they all have to do with the baby or the pregnancy. But mine haven't. I have never been able to remember much of my dreams until I got pregnant, but the ones I could remember were no where near as vivid or as crazy. Is that a normal pregnancy thing?

Luke's mommy asked on 10 May '11 at 01:22

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Roxie p answer on 10 May '11 at 01:22

No! I'm the same, since being pregnant my dreams have been crazy. some baby related, but others completely no sense at all... for example the other night i was dreaming about the queen not being able to wear her crown because it was too heavy... see! WEIRD!! haha i tend to remember a lot of my dreams and they are in full colour etc. The best thing is not to worry too much if you have a dream that's a bit freaky.. Its just a dream.