What is the longest human pregnancy that resulted in a live birth?


I'm just curious how long the longest healthy pregnancy recorded is ie that ends in a healthy baby. Please don't post about Dr. August because that is a hoax. I'm wondering how much further than 42 weeks.

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Susansmum asked on 09 May '11 at 21:49

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Mommy of Twins girls and 6mo Boy

i found this http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,797153,00.html Decide for yourself.. but it also mentions the runner up within like 58 days or something the lady in the article was pregnant for like 53.5 weeks..

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Mommy of Twins girls and 6mo Boy answer on 09 May '11 at 21:49

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Pls read all my responses and messages on this matter before you decide to take this drastic step. If you search for saiveera in the search box all my responses for users questions on this topic will show up. Pls read them & think carefully before you decide to use the kit to remove your pregnancy. If you are married & are healthy then pls discuss with your husband as to what is the best option for you and him. Don't just think about yourselves, think about the life that is inside you.

SaiVeera answer on 10 Jan '14 at 18:11

They do it at your six week postpartum. -new mommy to a soon to be 5 month old healthy baby boy. Proud Teen mom btw (:

Bre Incontro answer on 08 Jul '13 at 23:58

hi, one of my known people ...she had gestational diabetes and she was not aware of it ....by 7th month she went in labor and baby was stillborn...the thing is diabetes can cause the amniotic sac to dry up leaving no nutrients for baby ... but within 40 weeks by regular check ups your doctor should have been able to know that...you should have maintained your diet and take regular checks for insulin level...my friend has given birth to another healthy baby and both of them are fine now...just be positive...next time  take into account everything..

Emma . answer on 13 Jun '13 at 16:40

no its nothing...just go for an ultrasound you will definitely find a heartbeat at this stage in normal healthy fetus...better to track down the baby growth...

Emma . answer on 02 May '13 at 17:28

Its look like normal but i advise you to visit your local family planning clinic or your doctor. take your pre-natal vitamins, take good care of yourself and don't drink or do any drugs. Remember that miscarriages are  I know that taking folic acid and other vitamins ahead of time will increase your chances of conceiving a healthy child.

monika sen answer on 17 Apr '13 at 18:19


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