What is the best pregnancy picture book?

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant (YAHOO!!!) after trying for a little more then a year with the hubby, we finally got ourselves pregnant. I already have a couple books. But I'm looking for a book with pictures of the development that is happening now inside. My mom got my sister and I a book when we were younger to help explain what was happening with her pregnancy. It wasn't a children's book. It had some really great pictures and information. If anyone knows of any good Adult picture books for baby development, please let me know. Thank you.

Crazzychk asked on 09 May '11 at 21:06

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Ashley answer on 09 May '11 at 21:06

Life by Lennart Nilsson, Hans Wigzell, and Mark Holborn (Hardcover - Sep 1, 2006) 29 Used & new from $14.15 (28) you can find it on amazon or barnes and noble

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Busy mommy of 3 answer on 09 May '11 at 23:13

When people ask this question I always like to refer to the babies born to mothers who lost their husbands in the tragedy of 9/11 in 2001. Can you imagine how stressed and depressed these pregnant women must have been after losing their husbands in such a horrible tragedy, especially knowing their children would never meet their fathers? Their babies were just fine, they had a special on TV last year at this time with some of the mother's and their children who were effected by the tragedy. As long as you take care of your self physically, your baby should be fine.

Chrysteena answer on 10 May '11 at 01:29

the baby think it over was used in my high school.... though i didn't take the course that required you to have one (child development)... my best friend did... so i got to help... it was just like a game for us.... i can honestly say that it didn't keep our students from having love... but promoted the use of protection.... about 10 or less people in my class got pregnant/had children before high school was over... and i'll guess and say about 50-60 through out the school... by the time i graduated.. my best friend had her first child when she was 21 and recently gave birth to her second.... so i guess it had some effect on some people.... we didn't use the pregnancy profile vest... but im sure in addition to the baby think it over .... it will prove effective.

♥ piper shea ♥ answer on 10 May '11 at 01:43

I am a teenage mother to be. I got pregnant at 14 years old. Yes, it was stupid, but I am taking responsibility for my actions. I am very lucky to have the support of both my family, and my boyfriends family. It is very important that the boy take half the responsibility, after all, it takes two to make a baby. In my area, there is a High School learning center, for teen moms, where we can finish high school, while also caring for our children. The school has a daycare facility, and you can take time between classes to be with your child, breast feed them, ect. Soon after finding out that I was pregnant, back in March, I got myself a part time job, so I could start earning money to care for my child. Luckily my parents, and my boyfriends parents, will help cover some of the expenses that come with a baby, as well as the local Youth Center has offered to help us out. One big thing the center did for us, was pay for my BF and I to take parenting classes. I know that being a teen mom will not be easy, but I have to say I am really looking forward to having something to live for. I am going to do everything that I possibly can to give my baby girl, Autumn, a real chance at the world.

Jackie m answer on 10 May '11 at 03:10

I could spend all night telling you about teenage pregnancies. i will shorten it - if you are a teenage parent you have made a life long commitment to that child from a younger age than most other people, you will not have had a good education you will never have any money, the child wont get the things you would have been able to give them if you had waited until you had finished your education and got a good career, when the child is older you have already shown them how to be a teenage mum and they will go and do the same - would you want that for your child? - No you will always want the best for them. Its not all about lovely babies and ribbons and bows it is about not having the life you should have had, being a teenager and having your life to plan you future. In most cases the children of teenage parents go on to make the same mistake themselves.

Nena answer on 10 May '11 at 07:29

I'd skip the ginger and anti-nausea liquid-- didn't work for me--and go straight to the phenergan. I'd also read "The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy" by Vicki Iovine instead of all those "should"-y books. (The ones on relaxation techniques actually do help, though.) I'd be careful in forcing myself to eat again in the 2nd trimester, not to carry overeating too far into postpartum. Breastfeeding only helps just so much in losing that baby weight! In childbirth, I'd do without the epidural and just take the IV painkillers. My two deliveries without it were easier than the one with it, even the one in which I got no drugs at all during labor. Most of all, I'd trust God completely and acknowledge that my children's well-being is in His hands, and that we all need Jesus in our lives in order to do more than just survive.